Dates Set For 2021 NBA Draft, Lottery, Combine

2:57pm: The NBA has officially confirmed the combine, lottery, and draft dates listed below, and has also announced a pair of additional deadlines:

  • Early entrant application deadline: Sunday, May 30 (11:59pm ET)
  • Early entrant withdrawal deadline: Monday, July 19 (5:00pm ET)

Again, the NCAA will set its own withdrawal deadline, so the July 19 date will be more relevant for international early entrant prospects.

The NBA also announced in its press release that the plan for the combine is to conduct five-on-five games and strength and agility testing, though that’s subject to “evolving public health conditions.”

2:00pm: The NBA has set dates for the 2021 draft lottery, the combine, and the draft itself, reports Shams Charania of The Athletic (Twitter link). Sources tell Charania that those dates are as follows:

  • Draft combine: Monday, June 21 – Sunday, June 27
  • Draft lottery: Tuesday, June 22
  • Draft: Thursday, July 29

None of those dates comes as a real surprise — with the end of the 2020/21 regular season pushed back by a little over a month, all of the corresponding dates will be postponed by approximately a month as well, with the 2021/22 league year set to begin in early August.

However, we still don’t know exactly what form these events will take. In 2020, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the combine, lottery, and draft were all held virtually. Given the rate of vaccinations in the U.S., the pandemic outlook shouldn’t be nearly as bad this summer, but it remains to be seen whether the NBA will be prepared to hold large-scale in-person events, with participants (and possibly fans) coming in from all over the country.

In any case, Charania’s report means we can start filling in our offseason calendar. Since the NBA typically sets its early entrant withdrawal deadline for 10 days before the draft, that date figures to fall on July 19. The league will still need to establish a deadline for those early entry players to declare for the draft (that deadline is usually 60 days before the draft), and the NCAA also has to set its own withdrawal deadline for college players.

For a sense of what this year’s draft order may look like, be sure to check out our reverse standings and our in-depth breakdown of 2021’s traded first-round picks.

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10 thoughts on “Dates Set For 2021 NBA Draft, Lottery, Combine

  1. brian214

    At least one thing that is certain not to change is Minnesota having the top pick in the draft. Is there a more pathetic franchise in the league right now than the Twolves?

    • Sillivan

      Wolves are far better than Rockets next 7 years

      Wiggins deal is 10 times better than Trading
      Chris Paul and 4 Firsts for John Wall and
      Trade Harden for Olynyk, Bradley Exum and bad picks and fake swaps

      Wall is $47 million more expensive than Paul

    • WallyWood

      Of course not. Anyone who thinks that there is a team far worse than Minnesota, even for 7 years, knows less than nothing about the NBA.

      Present company included.

  2. KnickerbockerAl

    I like Mobley, needs girth. Probably goes 2. Can’t wait for June 22 now. Big day for Knicks 3 of top 32 picks.
    Dallas #1 pick, Knicks #1 pick, Pistons 2nd rd pick
    Davion Mitchell, Roko Prkacin, not sure yet. Love to have those two.

    • thekayz

      Oh, yeah?!?
      Well the Pistons have 3 of the next 28 picks! Put that in your pipe and sm….wait a sec….

  3. WallyWood

    If the Rockets are lucky enough to win the lottery on June 22nd it could be a lot like what happened in 1997 when the Spurs won the lottery and got Tim Duncan.

  4. El Don

    Next draft is gonna be…
    #1 Kuminga
    #2 Green
    #3 Mobley
    #4 Cunningham
    #5 Suggs

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