Latest On Dennis Schröder’s Contract Situation

3:54pm: Marc Stein of The New York Times hears from two sources that Schröder has turned down extension offers in the range of $80MM over four years.

1:54pm: Discussing his contract situation last week, Lakers guard Dennis Schröder strongly hinted that he intends to reach free agency rather than signing an in-season extension, noting that he wants to see his options on the open market. In today’s episode of his Hoop Collective podcast, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst confirmed that Schröder and the Lakers appear unlikely to agree to a deal prior to free agency.

“From what I understand, they’ve had contract talks and they couldn’t agree to an extension,” Windhorst said. “The maximum he can sign for (during the season) is four years, $84MM. … What I have been told – and this is rumor is pretty widely out there, so I doubt this is very surprising – is that the Lakers did indeed offer him that $84MM over four years.

“Now, this is where we get into gray area,” Windhorst continued. “Was it fully guaranteed? Was it partially guaranteed? Were there incentives? I don’t know. But I believe he was offered a contract in that realm and he said no to it.”

Windhorst’s caveats are important. If the Lakers’ offer to Schröder included a non-guaranteed final season or a significant amount of incentives, it’s not nearly as strong as that reported $84MM figure suggests.

Even if the Lakers’ offer was fully guaranteed, there are reasons to believe that Schröder would pass on it for now. Malcolm Brogdon and Fred VanVleet signed deals in the four-year, $84MM range in the last two years, and Schröder’s 2019/20 production compared favorably to what those players did in their contract years (his numbers have dipped a little in ’20/21). If the Lakers are prepared to offer his maximum in-season extension amount, it stands to reason they might be willing to go a little higher once he officially reaches free agency.

Additionally, since Schröder signed his current deal as a rookie scale extension with Atlanta in 2016, he has never gotten a chance to experience free agency. So even if he feels the Lakers’ offer is fair, his comments about wanting to explore his options indicate that he wants to go through the process at least once.

As Windhorst reiterated on the Hoop Collective podcast, the Lakers were readily offering Schröder in pre-deadline trade discussions for Kyle Lowry, an indication they aren’t necessarily locked into the 27-year-old as their long-term point guard. However, letting Schröder walk in free agency won’t open up any cap room for Los Angeles, so the team will be motivated to either get something done with him or get something back in a sign-and-trade.

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32 thoughts on “Latest On Dennis Schröder’s Contract Situation

        • Honestly I want schröder to sign with the bulls not only do I think that he could help the team a lot but the ö is so cool man, I don’t know what it means or how it sounds or anything but it looks awesome on the back of a jersey

  1. imacopyouidiot

    VanVleet and Brogdon are much better than Schröder, but someone will be dumb enough to give him $20M+. And having already extended KCP and Kuz, it’s going to be tough for them to let him walk.

    • GeneralZod

      Not really LeBron is our point guard and THT will be better than Schroeder in a year or two tops. I like Dennis but even in today’s NBA he isnt worth more than the 4 years 84 million he was offered.

      • Omarj

        THT is an offensive talent without even finishing 1 full season. Shroder appears better defensively, and if his 3pt shot improves, along with his mental lapses, I don’t see THT surpassing him. KCP is limited and Kuz is a headcase. Shroder is aggressive and has shown he’s still improving. I agree 20/yr is overpaying, but NBA teams keep splurging on players and then do buyouts later LOL. He comes across like a good teammate. I think Dennis wants a home and a no-trade clause/ guarantee.

        • GeneralZod

          I like Dennis, but he has had 8 years to improve his shooting, if anyone is going to improve 20 year old Tht with his incredible length is going to get much better defensively. Dont get me wrong I think we should resign him but not break the bank to do so. Kcp is a two guard so not really an apples to apples thing. Schroeder is at best an average 3 point shooter at guard

        • Cap & Crunch

          If you want a home you accept the 4/80….more just chips away at the paint in front of your house

          If I’m Lakers I dont re-enter discussions till this whole year is over and make him prove it when it matters and let him take the risk of getting hurt while absolving yourself from it in the process

          I doubt Even the Knicks with plenty of cap/need offer this contract

  2. Chief Two Hands

    Schroder seems to significantly overvalue himself, so I expect him to sign with an uncompetitive team after this season. He will get his money. He is not going to re-sign with the Lakers unless he comes to reality about his worth. That said, I do not blame the man for wanting to maximize his opportunity. Sports, for athletes, is a particularly finite situation. Providing for oneself and, potentially, future generations is another matter.

    • Sillivan

      Reality is that money is more important than wins

      His real value is $84 million. His market value is $100 million due to weak FAs

      John Collins real value is $95 million, market is $130 million

    • Ironmonger835

      That Lakers offer is not gonna just vanish unless he has a serious injury. They won’t be able to offer someone else that contract instead due to them being over the cap so it’s a reasonable risk.

    • Cap & Crunch

      I mean this 80 puts his career at 150…is 170 going to make a difference ?

  3. buddydeal

    Can someone explain why Schröder walking won’t open any cap room?? Apparently I’m cap challenged. Thanks

    • I give no fox

      The nba has a salary cap. The lakers already have 120 million on the books for next season, which is over the cap. Therefore, whether they sign him or let him leave, that won’t open any “cap space” for free agents. They will only have the mid level exception at their disposal. They can resign him for any amount they want because they own his bird rights which is a way to circumvent the cap to retain your own free agents

      • WallyWood

        Right, even if he walks and frees up $16M or so it doesn’t put them under the $112M salary cap because they are spending about $76.5M on AD and LBJ so they’re already $13M over the cap already with only 6 players under contract. Even if Montrezl opts out they will still barely be over the cap.

  4. No big risk to DS here, unless he gets injured. The Laker offer isn’t likely to go anywhere, and will likely improve in the offseason. The Lakers won’t have the luxury of pricing him in a free market (Stern is gone, but the NBA is still Stern World). Even if the Lakers pull out, the general market for starting caliber PGs figures to be quite good, with 72/4 his probable downside, with an upside north of 84/4. DS has agents who I’m sure have done preliminary pricing for the summer. How many proven veteran guys opt out (or turn down extensions) end up not getting their desired number?

      • KnickerbockerAl

        Raptors ………….. city of Toronto
        and Drake … says “Over my dead Body”

      • Corporal Foxtrot

        @ lil d _ bottom 3…your new years resolution should have been to stop all the pollution. You chirp more than birds.

        • Lil D MVC aka Uno

          Yes I am the Larry Bird of this comment section, thank you very much.

          Wonder if Nurse is scouting anyone from Degrassi? That could be the missing piece…

          • Corporal Foxtrot

            @ lil d _bottom 3 You are not even Scalabrine, much less Larry Bird. You are the troll comment version of Lil Nas X.

      • WallyWood

        Everyone but the Lakers say no to that trade. Only homer LA fans think that Kuzma is going to be underpaid at $13M/year.

        • x%sure

          Not this year. You should know the Laker needs for backups.
          He could be more selective in shooting

  5. Cap & Crunch

    This guys nuts, cant shoot, doesnt make anyone better on offence, has No real postseason success, and has reached his ceiling

    Lakers dont need a 20 mill guy like this to clog future years when they will have to find a way to stay relevant post LeBron…..I don’t necessarily believe “its just money” and the lose him for . nothing crowd isnt looking past the 2 inches in front of their nose ….Theres a lot more downside in this than I think most are accounting for.

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