Warriors Reportedly Have Interest In Victor Oladipo

The Warriors have interest in acquiring Rockets guard Victor Oladipo, league sources tell Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer.

Houston just acquired Oladipo in January in the four-team trade that sent James Harden to Brooklyn, but with the Rockets near the bottom of the NBA’s standings and Oladipo set to reach unrestricted free agency this summer, there has been plenty of speculation he could be on the move again before the March 25 trade deadline.

As O’Connor explains, the Warriors’ interest in Oladipo suggests the team would like to add another ball-handler to take some of the pressure off of Stephen Curry. A secondary ball-handler on the wing could play a role similar to the one that Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala played on Golden State’s title teams, O’Connor notes.

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It’s not clear what Golden State would be willing to give up in an offer for Oladipo. Rookie center James Wiseman and the Timberwolves’ 2021 first-round pick (top-three protected) are the Warriors’ top trade assets, but it’s probably safe to assume they wouldn’t put Wiseman on the table for a UFA-to-be like Oladipo, who still hasn’t captured his All-Star form since returning from a quad tendon injury a year ago. As O’Connor observes, Houston likely won’t be able to demand a significant return for the 28-year-old.

If the Warriors did make an offer for Oladipo, either Andrew Wiggins or Kelly Oubre would almost certainly have to be included for salary-matching purposes. The Rockets could probably demand more significant draft assets if they were willing to take on Wiggins’ pricey multiyear contract rather than Oubre’s more affordable expiring deal.

League sources tell The Ringer that Bulls forward Otto Porter – who is on a $28.5MM expiring contract – is another player who has drawn some interest from the Warriors. He’d be a more realistic target if he’s bought out, which some executives think could happen, O’Connor says.

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39 thoughts on “Warriors Reportedly Have Interest In Victor Oladipo

  1. I would like Victor Oladipo for THIS year but ABSOLUTELY NOT on a longer contract.

    Stay away from this injury-prone non winner. Three months is fine, he can play good D and can score a little if he stays on the floor.

    Is he better than Kelly oubre, probably so.. I would do a straight-up swap. Wiggins? Probably as well. If Houston wants that contract I would take the expiring deal of Victor Oladipo. Can’t wait to see what happens here. I definitely don’t think the Warriors would dangle a first-round pick for Oladipo. Perhaps the aforementioned Wiggins or Oubre and one young guy with promise, like Poole. Maybe Pashcal.

    • andyhighroller

      Lonzo is a better fit, this season and on. Plus he’s expected to earn a contract similar to what Oubre makes THIS year. At 23, he’d be a solid addition. Has similar numbers to DEN Iggy, just better 3pt shooting and less hops. Plays great defense and his passing off Steph would be stellar, and as a secondary playmaker/2nd leader. Poole & Lee can play off him or he can slide in as a 3, or Wiggins at the 3 and Bazemore/Lee as a starter, for this year.
      Ofc there’s chatter of a Wiseman+Wiggins+MIN pick+Oubre for Ingram+Ball+Hayes but I’d be down to give up one of Bazemore/Poole/Smailagic/Paschall or another pick in order to make the return BI/Ball/Hayes AND Hart, as the only way they’d give up Wiseman/Wiggins+MIN’s pick should be for stars UNDER 24 years old. Really, only Ingram, Luka, Tatum, or Simmons should be on that list. Has to be a young star capable of playing the big wing/point forward role. Essentially the role KD had. Other than that, I’d say forget it.
      Pelicans would be a fierce young team with Kira Lewis/Jalen SuggsORJalen Green/Wiggins/Zion/Wiseman, whereas the Dubs would have Zo and Ingram as 23yo’s, still just 27 when Steph and Klay are 37/35, aging into high quality catch & shoot roles, like rich man’s Terry/Redick &Korver. Ofc it’d be nice if this year’s Top20 protected pick is traded up for Scottie Barnes, Zaiare Smith, Jalen Johnson, or Moses Moody. Maybe buy a 2nd rounder or trade back the top 20 pick and draft Isaiah Todd‍♂️

  2. Lrtexasman

    Wiseman and Wiggins for VO and Tucker works for the Rockets. We send two players and you send us Wiseman and a bad contract. VO has value as a sign and trade as well.

    • Not happening bro. Sure the Wiggins contract is an albatross but he’s playing well enough they cannot just give him away. He’s still a 20-point guy and his shooting percentages have risen.

      • Bob Meyers said he is not trading the future for this year. So Wiseman is not being traded. The wolves 1st round pick could be traded.

    • Marty McRae

      Works for the Rockets, absolutely does NOT work for the Warriors.

      Try Oladipo for a 2nd rounder and Brad Wanamaker.

  3. thekayz

    I don’t see how a GSW/HOU swap would work – it just doesn’t make sense for HOU without Wiseman or significant draft capital (which I don’t see GSW wanting to give up).

    • I give no fox

      Do you see oladipo netting significant draft capital? I do not think that is a realistic expectation considering he’s an expensive rental that is underperforming coming off injury

  4. C-Daddy

    I’m just here for Marty’s thoughts on how this would make them instant title favourites.

    • Marty McRae

      Oladipo doesnt make them title favorites, I only post about players that actually will do that, like Bradley Beal.

  5. seamaholic

    Not sure Oladipo is better than Wiggins to be honest. At least not at the moment. Maybe a better fit next to Steph but not by a lot. Neither Oubre (too little) or Wiggins (too much) actually works for salary match for Dipo, btw. So more would have to change hands.

    • ABStract

      Yeah, is it worth getting out of Wiggins contract to let him go?
      Hard to say, but I do trust Myers

  6. rugrat907

    Pass. I really don’t see where this makes any sense since he’s no better than Oubre or Wiggins and I wouldn’t want to sign him long term. And not signing him means losing the cap space down the line, which was part of the whole deal in getting DLo and then swapping him out for Wiggins. Doesn’t really move the needle this year and hurts the Warriors future.

    • ^ This guy gets it. Maybe the Warriors are interested only if they can steal Victor Oladipo from the Rockets because Houston can’t find another deal elsewhere?

      • Jason Lancaster

        That’s what I think this is. Oubre plus a couple min contracts plus a protected future first maybe. Enough to get a conversation going, but the last offer Houston wants to take.

  7. Sillivan

    There is no way Warriors would offer Oubre for Oladipo. Oubre is clearly better than dipo this season and Dipo is gone in summer

    Wiggins and second round picks for Oladipo and Tucker would be my trade proposal

    Overpaid Dipo has little value
    I’d read that Rockets will take any draft picks

  8. Sillivan

    According to article
    Wiseman and Wolves First are top trade assets, ….but not for unrestricted FA like Dipo

    Wiggins and top trade assets for Collins and Gallo makes more sense than Wiseman for Dipo

    • Assets and what they are willing to give up is 2 different things. Meyer said in a interview the other day he is not trading the future (Wiseman) for a quick fix this year. Wiseman is not on the table in a trade. I am guessing Jordan Poole is a major trade asset since he dominated the G league with his play.

      • Cap & Crunch

        “Jordan Poole is a major trade asset since he dominated the G league with his play.”

        Does it seem weird when somebody else puts this in ink?

        And if he was such a major asset wouldn’t that fit what Bob said he didn’t wanna trade in his “interview”?

        Id just trade Wannamaker and a 2nd for Ola! ….but unfortunately my alarm clock will sound eventually and those hopes would be dashed

  9. Marty McRae

    This Oladipo chatter is to make Washington want to pull the trigger on a Wiseman+Wiggins+future picks (not the wolves pick) for Beal trade, which is going to happen at the deadline, not before.

    • WallyWood

      Right, keep dreaming. The Warriors are far more likely to trade for Oladipo than they are for Beal. And it will cost them way more than Wanamaker and a 2nd round pick.

    • The Warriors playoff hopes die if they trade for Beal. Why would you want to give up Wiseman and Wiggins, plus draft picks. You’d tank the franchise for the next decade. Beal would demand a trade in the off season.

  10. Corporal Foxtrot

    So warriors didn’t want to trade for Harden but they would rather trade for Oladipo? Buyer beware!

    • claude raymond

      Teams kick the tires on ALL players. And teams will take ALL calls from tire kickers. These stories have minimal value.

      • Corporal Foxtrot

        Why in the world would they want Oladipo? If you don’t know what Harden brings then you really are lost in the shuffle.

  11. phillyballers

    Indiana thought Dipo was worth LaVert, who had a serious medical condition and would unlikely play this year. What kinda weed are yall smoking if you think Dipo, who is having a poor shooting year, is worth Wiseman +???

    • Cap & Crunch

      To be fair Wiggins is underwater to most all trading teams

      To warriors he’s worth a touch more via no cap room etc etc etc

      This makes him hard to get fair value on for warriors or new team in the end

      A wiggins for Ola trade makes sense for neither team really

  12. RenoChris

    If they can find a way to add a great player matching Wiggins salary without giving up Wiseman that would be awesome. Wiggins plus draft assets to acquire someone better than Wiggins would be a plus in my opinion. Oubre needs to be traded for someone who has a contract beyond this year, because we won’t be able to use Oubres cap space in free agency unless it’s a sign and trade scenario.

    • Cap & Crunch

      In theory, sure on your second part ,but whoes giving future value for 3 months of Oubre? Not happening

      Id trade the Wolves pick today as good chance it might be at its most optimal value and agree they need to look at 22 and 23 as a window. I wouldn’t be jeopardizing those near future years for this year as well in any trade – Even with an Oladipo (for example) I still think they’d lose RD 1 of the playoffs no matter what. Doing nothing big isnt exactly a terrible plan for GSW as well . They already have the best free agent avail inked for next year in Klay Thompson and Wiseman should be a lot more capable next year as well . Little lottery ball luck they might get a solid roation quickly as well next year from the draft

      • RenoChris

        Oubre has an expiring contract. That is valuable to some teams looking for cap space.

  13. johnm

    No way in the world that Wiseman is getting traded by GSW. Why would GSW want to trade a player who could be one of the best players in the league a couple of years from now? It is very difficult to obtain great big men.

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