Details On Robert Williams’ Extension With Celtics

Robert Williams‘ new four-year contract extension with the Celtics, initially reported to be worth $54MM, actually has a base value of $48MM over four years, reports ESPN’s Bobby Marks (Instagram video).

As Marks outlines, Williams will earn a salary around $10.7MM in 2022/23, the first year of his new deal. He’ll get annual 8% annual raises, all the way up to $13.285MM in ’25/26, for a total of $48MM in guaranteed money. There is no player or team option in the final year of the contract.

The agreement also includes about $5-6MM in total incentives, which could push the total value up to near $54MM, Marks explains. For instance, in the first year of his contract, Williams can make an extra $446K if he appears in at least 69 games. That bonus would be considered “likely” and would be added to Williams’ $10.7MM cap hit in ’22/23 if he plays in 69+ games in the final year of his rookie contract in ’21/22.

According to Marks, Williams also has incentives related to whether the Celtics make the Eastern Conference Semifinals and Eastern Finals, but he must play in 69+ games to qualify for those incentives. The 23-year-old can also earn bonuses if he makes the All-Defensive First Team or Second Team, Marks adds.

Williams has battled a handful of injuries in his first three NBA seasons, so it makes sense that the Celtics would include language that protects them to some extent if he continues to miss time. However, even if Williams fails to meet that 69-game threshold and never earns an All-Defensive spot, the C’s would be on the hook for $12MM per year over the course of the deal.

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