2021/22 NBA Over/Unders: Recap

Over the last two weeks, we’ve been examining projections for all 30 NBA teams for the 2021/22 season, publishing polls asking how many games each club will win. With the help of lines from professional oddsmakers, we’ve had you vote on whether each team will go over or under a given win total, from the Nets (55.5) all the way through to the Magic (22.5).

Here are the full results of those votes:

Eastern Conference


  • Brooklyn Nets (55.5 wins): Over (63.2%)
  • Philadelphia 76ers (51.5 wins): Under (70.0%)
  • Boston Celtics (46.5 wins): Over (58.1%)
  • New York Knicks (42.5 wins): Over (65.1%)
  • Toronto Raptors (36.5 wins): Under (50.6%)


  • Milwaukee Bucks (54.5 wins): Over (63.7%)
  • Indiana Pacers (42.5 wins): Under (58.2%)
  • Chicago Bulls (42.5 wins): Over (68.3%)
  • Cleveland Cavaliers (26.5 wins): Under (50.5%)
  • Detroit Pistons (25.5 wins): Under (52.6%)


  • Miami Heat (48.5 wins): Under (53.6%)
  • Atlanta Hawks (47.5 wins): Over (62.2%)
  • Charlotte Hornets (38.5 wins): Over (54.5%)
  • Washington Wizards (34.5 wins): Over (54.9%)
  • Orlando Magic (22.5 wins): Under (53.8%)

Western Conference


  • Utah Jazz (52.5 wins): Over (61.7%)
  • Denver Nuggets (48.5 wins): Over (69.3%)
  • Portland Trail Blazers (44.5 wins): Over (53.0%)
  • Minnesota Timberwolves (34.5 wins): Under (57.1%)
  • Oklahoma City Thunder (23.5 wins): Under (65.0%)


  • Los Angeles Lakers (52.5 wins): Over (58.2%)
  • Phoenix Suns (51.5 wins): Over (58.6%)
  • Golden State Warriors (48.5 wins): Over (50.3%)
  • Los Angeles Clippers (43.5 wins): Over (51.2%)
  • Sacramento Kings (36.5 wins): Under (66.0%)


  • Dallas Mavericks (48.5 wins): Over (55.3%)
  • Memphis Grizzlies (41.5 wins): Over (50.5%)
  • New Orleans Pelicans (39.5 wins): Under (64.6%)
  • San Antonio Spurs (29.5 wins): Over (53.8%)
  • Houston Rockets (26.5 wins): Under (71.0%)

As these results show, our voters are slightly more bullish on the Western Conference teams than those in the East, relative to their expectations. A total of 10 Western teams were voted “over” their projected win totals, compared to eight Eastern teams.

These results also expect that our voters see a fairly wide gap between the good teams and the bad teams heading into the season. Of the 18 teams with win projections above .500, 15 were voted “over.” Meanwhile, nine of the 12 clubs with win projections below .500 were voted “under.”

These were the five “over” bets that received the largest vote shares:

  1. Denver Nuggets, 48.5 wins: 69.3%
  2. Chicago Bulls, 42.5 wins: 68.3%
  3. New York Knicks, 42.5 wins: 65.1%
  4. Milwaukee Bucks, 54.5 wins: 63.7%
  5. Brooklyn Nets, 55.5 wins: 63.2%

I have to admit some of these choices surprised me a little. The Nuggets will be without Jamal Murray (ACL tear) for most or all of the season; we still don’t know how the pieces in Chicago will fit together; and the Bucks and Nets may not push their stars especially hard during the regular season, preferring to focus on being healthy for the playoffs. I’ll be curious to see how these results play out.

Here are the five “under” bets that received the largest vote shares:

  1. Houston Rockets, 26.5 wins: 71.0%
  2. Philadelphia 76ers, 51.5 wins: 70.0%
  3. Sacramento Kings, 36.5 wins: 66.0%
  4. Oklahoma City Thunder, 23.5 wins: 65.0%
  5. New Orleans Pelicans, 39.5 wins: 64.6%

The Sixers pick here makes sense, given the ongoing Ben Simmons drama. I can’t quibble with the Rockets and Thunder bets either — the NBA’s bottom-feeders often finish with even worse records than expected, so if you think Houston and Oklahoma City will be in that group, taking the under is reasonable. On the other hand, I’m slightly more bullish on the Kings and Pelicans, but given how much New Orleans’ success relies on Zion Williamson‘s health, I’d admittedly be pretty nervous to bet on the over for the Pels.

What do you think of our picks in general? Are there any results above that you strongly disagree with? Did you make any over or under votes within the last couple weeks that you’re second-guessing now? Jump into our comment section below and weigh in with your thoughts!

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