2022 Pre-Lottery NBA Draft Order

The NBA conducted its draft tiebreakers on Monday, further cementing the draft order for 2022. While we’ll have to wait until the May 17 draft lottery to learn the exact order for this year’s event, we now know what most of the 60 selections look like.

Listed below is the pre-lottery 2022 NBA draft order. Each lottery team’s chances of landing the No. 1 overall pick are noted in parentheses. We’ve also included notes for picks whose status remains up in the air — for example, the Lakers‘ first-round pick could still technically end up with either the Pelicans or Grizzlies.

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The second-round draft order for teams with identical regular season records is the inverse of their first-round order. This rule applies even when one club made the playoffs and one didn’t. For instance, the 43-39 Hawks will pick ahead of the 43-39 Hornets in the second round.

We’ll provided an updated list after the May 17 lottery, once the official draft order is set, but here’s the tentative 2022 NBA draft order:

First Round:

  1. Houston Rockets (14.0%)
  2. Orlando Magic (14.0%)
  3. Detroit Pistons (14.0%)
  4. Oklahoma City Thunder (12.5%)
  5. Indiana Pacers (10.5%)
  6. Portland Trail Blazers (9.0%)
  7. Sacramento Kings (7.5%)
  8. New Orleans Pelicans (from Lakers) (6.0%)
    • Note: The Grizzlies will receive this pick if it falls to No. 11 or No. 12.
  9. San Antonio Spurs (4.5%)
  10. Washington Wizards (3.0%)
  11. New York Knicks (2.0%)
  12. Oklahoma City Thunder (from Clippers) (1.5%)
  13. Charlotte Hornets (1.0%)
  14. Cleveland Cavaliers (0.5%)
  15. Charlotte Hornets (from Pelicans)
  16. Atlanta Hawks
  17. Houston Rockets (from Nets)
  18. Chicago Bulls
  19. Minnesota Timberwolves
  20. San Antonio Spurs (from Raptors)
  21. Denver Nuggets
  22. Memphis Grizzlies (from Jazz)
  23. Brooklyn Nets (from Sixers)
    • Note: The Nets have the option of deferring their acquisition of the Sixers’ pick to 2023. That decision must be made by June 1.
  24. Milwaukee Bucks
  25. San Antonio Spurs (from Celtics)
  26. Dallas Mavericks
  27. Miami Heat
  28. Golden State Warriors
  29. Memphis Grizzlies
  30. Oklahoma City Thunder (from Suns)

Second Round:

  1. Indiana Pacers (from Rockets)
  2. Orlando Magic
  3. Toronto Raptors (from Pistons)
  4. Oklahoma City Thunder
  5. Orlando Magic (from Pacers)
  6. Portland Trail Blazers
  7. Sacramento Kings
  8. San Antonio Spurs (from Lakers)
  9. Cleveland Cavaliers (from Spurs)
  10. Minnesota Timberwolves (from Wizards)
  11. New Orleans Pelicans
  12. New York Knicks
  13. Los Angeles Clippers
  14. Atlanta Hawks
  15. Charlotte Hornets
  16. Detroit Pistons (from Nets)
  17. Memphis Grizzlies (from Cavaliers)
    • Note: If the Lakers’ first-round pick falls outside of the top 10, this pick would instead go to the Pelicans.
  18. Minnesota Timberwolves
  19. Sacramento Kings (from Bulls)
  20. Minnesota Timberwolves (from Nuggets)
  21. Golden State Warriors (from Raptors)
  22. New Orleans Pelicans (from Jazz)
  23. Boston Celtics
  24. Milwaukee Bucks
  25. Miami Heat (from Sixers)
  26. Washington Wizards (from Mavericks)
  27. Golden State Warriors
  28. Cleveland Cavaliers (from Heat)
  29. Portland Trail Blazers (from Grizzlies)
  30. Indiana Pacers (from Suns)
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