Jokic Comfortable With Nuggets’ Direction Following Connelly’s Exit

Star center Nikola Jokic is comfortable with the Nuggets‘ direction following the abrupt departure of president of basketball operations Tim Connelly for Minnesota, reports Mike Singer of The Denver Post.

As Singer details, Nuggets management has been in contact with Jokic this week, speaking to him over the phone to allay any concerns he might have about Connelly’s exit.

Singer previously reported that Connelly had created a positive work environment in Denver and had earned the trust of the Nuggets’ top players, including Jokic. With the 27-year-old entering a contract year and eligible for a five-year super-max extension this offseason, it made sense to gauge his feelings on the front office situation, especially since some reports have blamed Connelly’s departure on team ownership’s unwillingness to make a competitive counter-offer.

While it may not have been realistic to expect Denver to match a Minnesota offer that reportedly include ownership equity, the Nuggets will want to assure Jokic that they remain willing to spend what it takes to build a title contender.

For his part, Jokic has said he intends to sign his super-max extension once the Nuggets officially put the offer on the table, which they’re expected to do as soon as the CBA allows. With general manager Calvin Booth considered likely to take over for Connelly as the head of basketball operations in Denver, there’s no indication that the team’s or the two-time MVP’s stance on that super-max deal has changed.

Nuggets governor Josh Kroenke is scheduled to speak to reporters on Thursday for the first time in several years, says Singer.

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