NBA Retains Updated Two-Way Contract Rules For 2022/23

JUNE 25: The league’s Board of Governors has formally approved a continuation of last season’s rules regarding two-way deals, Wojnarowski tweets.

JUNE 17: The NBA plans to keep the updated version of the two-way contract for 2022/23, sources tell ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski (Twitter links).

Two-way players will continue to earn half of the rookie minimum — projected to be $1,004,159 based on the latest salary cap estimate — so they’ll earn approximately $502K next season, assuming they stay on a two-way deal the entire league year.

Players on two-ways will still be limited to 50 games in the regular season and ineligible for the postseason, per Wojnarowski. In order to be eligible for the playoffs, players on two-way deals need to be converted to a standard contract. A total of 23 players received such a promotion this season, as shown by our tracker.

The league’s board of governors is expected to approve the updated two-way contract rules “in the coming days,” says Wojnarowski, who adds that the changes allow for greater roster flexibility in case of COVID-related interruptions.

The NBA previously approved increased salaries and more regular season games for two-way contracts due to COVID-19 outbreaks throughout the past two seasons. Each team is permitted a couple of two-way spots in addition to its 15-man roster.

Players with fewer than four years of NBA experience can sign a two-way contract with a team. However, teams cannot sign a player to a two-way contract for three seasons. The deals are limited to two years, and can’t include options.

Although two-way contracts can be for up to two years, a player who has three years of NBA experience can’t sign such a deal, since he’d have four years of service after the first season. As such, two-way contracts for players with three years of experience are limited to one year.

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