NBA Minimum Salary Projections For 2023/24

The NBA’s minimum salary is one of several figures that changes from year to year at the same rate as the league’s salary cap. If the cap increases by 5% from one season to the next, the minimum salary will rise by the same amount.

That means that even though we don’t know yet exactly where the minimum salaries will end up for the 2023/24 season, we can make an educated estimate. When the NBA released its latest salary cap projection, the league forecasted a $136MM cap for the ’23/24 season. That’s just shy of a 10% increase on this season’s cap, so the minimum salaries will increase at the same rate — we’ll bump it up to a round 10%.

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A player’s minimum salary is determined in part by how much NBA experience he has — a veteran who has 10+ seasons under his belt is eligible for a significantly higher minimum salary than a rookie would be. Based on the current 2023/24 cap estimate, next year’s rookie minimum salary will exceed $1.1MM, while the minimum for a veteran with 10+ years of service will surpass $3MM for the first time.

Here are the current minimum salary projections for the 2023/24 season, based on a $136,021,000 cap:

Years of Experience Salary
0 $1,119,563
1 $1,801,769
2 $2,019,706
3 $2,092,354
4 $2,165,000
5 $2,346,614
6 $2,528,233
7 $2,709,849
8 $2,891,467
9 $2,905,861
10+ $3,196,448

We’ll update these figures later in the season if the NBA adjusts its cap projection for the 2023/24 season, and then again next year when the league officially sets the ’23/24 cap.

We previously published projections for the ’23/24 maximum salaries and mid-level and bi-annual exceptions, based on a $136,021,000 cap.

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