Forbes Releases 2022 NBA Franchise Valuations

For the first time since Forbes began issuing annual valuations of NBA teams over two decades ago, a team other than the Knicks or Lakers ranks atop the publication’s list of 2022’s most valuable franchises.

According to Mike Ozanian and Justin Teitelbaum of Forbes, the Warriors are now considered the NBA’s most valuable club, with a record-setting valuation of $7 billion following a championship season.

Forbes’ duo explains that the Warriors generated more revenue and operating income in 2021/22 than any other team in NBA history, buoyed by $150MM in arena sponsorships and advertising, along with $250MM from premium seating.

While the Warriors enjoyed the biggest bump in value since Forbes’ most recent round of valuations, every other NBA team saw its valuation rise during that time as well, according to Ozanian and Teitelbaum, who say the average franchise is now valued at $2.86 billion. That’s 15% more than a year ago, despite the fact that the stock market is down 15% over the same time period.

Of the NBA’s 30 teams, only one – the Nets – lost money last season, per Forbes’ report, which states that record-setting sponsorship and advertising revenue ($1.35 billion last season) has put the league back on its “pre-Covid growth trajectory.” Further growth is anticipated going forward, with a new television and media deal to be negotiated in the coming years — it will take effect in 2025.

Although Forbes’ figures are just estimates and often don’t quite match up with the sale prices for franchises that change hands, they’re still useful for getting a sense of the league’s most and least valuable teams.

Here’s Forbes’ full list of NBA franchise valuations for 2022:

  1. Golden State Warriors: $7 billion
  2. New York Knicks: $6.1 billion
  3. Los Angeles Lakers: $5.9 billion
  4. Chicago Bulls: $4.1 billion
  5. Boston Celtics: $4.0 billion
  6. Los Angeles Clippers: $3.9 billion
  7. Brooklyn Nets: $3.5 billion
  8. Dallas Mavericks: $3.3 billion
  9. Houston Rockets: $3.2 billion
  10. Philadelphia 76ers: $3.15 billion
  11. Toronto Raptors: $3.1 billion
  12. Miami Heat: $3 billion
  13. Phoenix Suns: $2.7 billion
  14. Washington Wizards: $2.5 billion
  15. Milwaukee Bucks: $2.3 billion
  16. Portland Trail Blazers: $2.1 billion
  17. Cleveland Cavaliers: $2.05 billion
  18. Sacramento Kings: $2.03 billion
  19. Utah Jazz: $2.025 billion
  20. San Antonio Spurs: $2 billion
  21. Atlanta Hawks: $1.975 billion
  22. Denver Nuggets: $1.93 billion
  23. Detroit Pistons: $1.9 billion
  24. Oklahoma City Thunder: $1.875 billion
  25. Orlando Magic: $1.85 billion
  26. Indiana Pacers: $1.8 billion
  27. Charlotte Hornets: $1.7 billion
  28. Minnesota Timberwolves: $1.67 billion
  29. Memphis Grizzlies: $1.65 billion
  30. New Orleans Pelicans: $1.6 billion
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