Oldest, Youngest Players On NBA Rosters For 2023/24

Udonis Haslem, who had been the NBA’s oldest player for the past three seasons, retired after the 2022/23 campaign, meaning the league has a new elder statesman. And this one figures to play a slightly bigger role in ’23/24 than Haslem did last season.

Lakers star LeBron James is currently the oldest player in the NBA.

James enters this season as a 38-year-old and will celebrate his 39th birthday in December. That means that, unless Andre Iguodala or another aging veteran makes a comeback, there won’t be any players in the league this season in their 40s.

The Warriors are the only team with more than one player on the list of the league’s top 10 oldest players, with offseason additions Chris Paul and Rudy Gay both making the cut.

This list is subject to change. Maybe Gay or another player whose roster spot isn’t guaranteed will be waived before opening night; maybe Iguodala will decide not to retire; or maybe a free agent like George Hill or Goran Dragic (both born in May 1985) will find a new NBA home.

But for now, here’s the list of the oldest players in the league heading into the ’23/24 season:

  1. LeBron James, Lakers (born 12/30/1984)
  2. P.J. Tucker, Sixers (born 5/5/1985)
  3. Chris Paul, Warriors (born 5/6/1985)
  4. Taj Gibson, Wizards (born 6/24/1985)
  5. Kyle Lowry, Heat (born 3/25/1986)
  6. Garrett Temple, Raptors (born 5/8/1986)
  7. Al Horford, Celtics (born 6/3/1986)
  8. Rudy Gay, Warriors (born 8/17/1986)
  9. Jeff Green, Rockets (born 8/28/1986)
  10. Wesley Matthews, Hawks (born 10/14/1986)

On the opposite end of the spectrum, all of this year’s youngest NBA players were members of the 2023 draft class.

The Nets are the only team that show up twice on this list, with both of their first-round picks set to be among the NBA’s top four youngest players this season.

Here are the 10 youngest players currently on NBA rosters:

  1. G.G. Jackson, Grizzlies (born 12/17/2004) *
  2. Dariq Whitehead, Nets (born 8/1/2004)
  3. Bilal Coulibaly, Wizards (born 7/26/2004)
  4. Noah Clowney, Nets (born 7/14/2004)
  5. Cam Whitmore, Rockets (born 7/8/2004)
  6. Rayan Rupert, Trail Blazers (born 5/31/2004)
  7. Nick Smith Jr., Hornets (born 4/18/2004)
  8. Sidy Cissoko, Spurs (born 4/2/2004)
  9. Jordan Walsh, Celtics (born 3/3/2004)
  10. Amari Bailey, Hornets (born 2/17/2004) *

Note: Players marked with an asterisk (*) are on two-way contracts.

A handful of lottery picks – including Victor Wembanyama, Scoot Henderson, and Dereck Lively II – were born in January or February 2004 and narrowly missed earning spots on this list.

Last year’s youngest player, Pistons center Jalen Duren, is no longer a member of this group, but only missed the cut by three months. He won’t turn 20 years old until November 18.

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