Kings Offered De’Aaron Fox Extension Before Season

The Kings offered guard De’Aaron Fox a two-year, maximum-salary extension prior to the start of the 2023/24 season, according to Chris Haynes of TNT and Bleacher Report. Haynes discussed the offer on the latest episode of his #thisleague UNCUT podcast with Marc Stein.

As Haynes outlines, since Fox had three guaranteed years left on his current contract entering this season, a two-year extension was the best offer Sacramento could make when he became eligible for a new deal over the summer. However, the Kings recognized the guard likely wouldn’t sign a new agreement at this time and weren’t bothered by the fact that he passed on their offer, Haynes adds.

Fox is one of several players who can become eligible for a super-max contract extension by making an All-NBA team in 2024. That’s one important reason why it makes sense for him to wait on his next deal, especially since an All-NBA spot is hardly a far-fetched goal for the Kings star — he made the Third Team this past spring and has increased his scoring average this fall to a career-best 30.3 points per game through 14 contests (36.6 MPG).

If Fox qualifies for a super-max extension, he would be eligible to sign a contract that begins at up to 35% of the salary cap (instead of 30%). In that scenario, he would also be permitted to sign for six total years (instead of five), which means he could add four years to the two still left on his current deal.

The exact value of the two-year extension the Kings offered is unknown, as is the value of a hypothetical super-max extension, since either deal would start in 2026/27 and would be based on a percentage of that season’s cap. However, the gap between the two would be significant. If we were to assume a $160MM cap for ’26/27, a super-max offer would be worth nearly $251MM over four years, whereas the two-year extension Sacramento proposed prior to this season would be worth about $100MM.

Fox isn’t permitted to sign a new deal between now and June 30, since he’s not on an expiring contract, but he’ll become extension-eligible again next July, regardless of whether or not he meets the super-max criteria.

While Haynes and Stein stress that Fox and the Kings are interested in a long-term partnership, it will be interesting to see if the two sides reach an extension agreement next summer if the guard doesn’t make an All-NBA team. Fox, who will turn 26 next month, would have another opportunity to qualify for a super-max contract by earning an All-NBA spot in 2025 if he doesn’t sign a new contract during the ’24 offseason.

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