Official Early Entrants List For 2024 NBA Draft

After announcing 93 withdrawals from the draft last month, the NBA has officially confirmed (via Twitter) that 31 additional early entrant prospects withdrew from the draft before Monday’s deadline, leaving a total of 77 early entrants eligible to be selected in this year’s draft in addition to 2024’s automatically draft-eligible players.

Of those 77 draft-eligible early entrants, 53 are players from colleges (20 seniors with eligibility remaining and 33 underclassmen), 18 had been playing in international leagues, and six are from non-NBA domestic leagues (the G League or Overtime Elite).

This year’s 77 early entrants represents the lowest total in quite some time, falling well short of the record set in 2021 (217). That’s likely a reflection of the new NIL opportunities available to college players, who now have less motivation to go pro early in order to get paid. Of course, there are still more early entrants than there are slots available in next week’s draft. With two teams’ second-round picks forfeited due to past free agency violations, there will be just 58 players drafted on June 26 and 27.

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A total of 201 prospects initially declared as early entrants, with 93 of those players removing their names from consideration prior to the NCAA’s May 29 withdrawal deadline to retain their college eligibility.

Here’s the complete list of early entrant prospects eligible for the 2024 NBA draft:

College seniors:

  1. Reece Beekman, G, Virginia
  2. Jesse Bingham II, G/F, Indianapolis
  3. Jack Brestel, F, Roanoke College
  4. Jalen Bridges, F, Baylor
  5. Jalen Cook, G, LSU
  6. Isaiah Crawford, G/F, Louisiana Tech
  7. Tristan Da Silva, F, Colorado
  8. Zach Edey, C, Purdue
  9. Eric Gaines, G, UAB
  10. PJ Hall, C, Clemson
  11. Oso Ighodaro, F, Marquette
  12. David Jones, F, Memphis
  13. Dillon Jones, F, Weber State
  14. Tyler Kolek, G, Marquette
  15. Pelle Larsson, G, Arizona
  16. Jonathan Mogbo, F/C, San Francisco
  17. Tiras Morton, G/F, Lubbock Christian
  18. Jamal Shead, G, Houston
  19. Jason Spurgin, C, Bowling Green State
  20. Jaykwon Walton, G/F, Memphis

College underclassmen:

  1. Trey Alexander, G, Creighton (junior)
  2. Mark Armstrong, G, Villanova (sophomore)
  3. Adem Bona, F/C, UCLA (sophomore)
  4. Carlton Carrington, G, Pitt (freshman)
  5. Devin Carter, G, Providence (junior)
  6. Stephon Castle, G, UConn (freshman)
  7. Cam Christie, G, Minnesota (freshman)
  8. Donovan Clingan, C, UConn (sophomore)
  9. Isaiah Collier, G, USC (freshman)
  10. Mohamed Diarra, F, North Carolina State (junior)
  11. Rob Dillingham, G, Kentucky (freshman)
  12. Ryan Dunn, F, Virginia (sophomore)
  13. Justin Edwards, G/F, Kentucky (freshman)
  14. Kyle Filipowski, F/C, Duke (sophomore)
  15. Johnny Furphy, G/F, Kansas (freshman)
  16. Kyshawn George, G/F, Miami (FL) (freshman)
  17. DaRon Holmes II, F, Dayton (junior)
  18. Harrison Ingram, F, UNC (junior)
  19. Bronny James, G, USC (freshman)
  20. Jared McCain, G, Duke (freshman)
  21. Judah Mintz, G, Syracuse (sophomore)
  22. Yves Missi, C, Baylor (freshman)
  23. Ajay Mitchell, G, UC Santa Barbara (junior)
  24. Carlos Nichols, G, Southern Crescent Tech (GA) (freshman)
  25. Reed Sheppard, G, Kentucky (freshman)
  26. KJ Simpson, G, Colorado (junior)
  27. Jaylon Tyson, G, California (junior)
  28. Ja’Kobe Walter, G, Baylor (freshman)
  29. Kel’el Ware, C, Indiana (sophomore)
  30. Deshawndre Washington, G/F, New Mexico State (junior)
  31. Jaylen Wells, F, Washington State (junior)
  32. Cody Williams, F, Colorado (freshman)
  33. JZ Zaher, G, Bowling Green State (sophomore)

International players:

Note: The country indicates where the player had been playing, not necessarily where he was born.

  1. Melvin Ajinca, G/F, France (born 2004)
  2. Ulrich Chomche, C, NBA Academy Africa (born 2005)
  3. Yongxi Cui, G/F, China (born 2003)
  4. Pacome Dadiet, G/F, Germany (born 2005)
  5. Nikola Djurisic, G/F, Serbia (born 2004)
  6. Lucas Dufeal, F, France (born 2003)
  7. Quinn Ellis, G, Italy (born 2003)
  8. Trentyn Flowers, G/F, Australia (born 2005)
  9. A.J. Johnson, G, Australia (born 2004)
  10. Bobi Klintman, F, Australia (born 2003)
  11. Gustav Knudsen, G/F, Denmark (born 2003)
  12. Juan Nunez, G, Germany (born 2004)
  13. Zaccharie Risacher, F, France (born 2005)
  14. Tidjane Salaun, F, France (born 2005)
  15. Alexandre Sarr, F/C, Australia (born 2005)
  16. Nikola Topic, G, Serbia (born 2005)
  17. Armel Traore, F, France (born 2003)
  18. Cezar Unitu, G, Romania (born 2005)

Other players

Remaining in draft:

  1. Matas Buzelis, F, G League Ignite (born 2004)
  2. Ron Holland, F, G League Ignite (born 2005)
  3. Jalen Lewis, F/C, Overtime Elite (born 2005)
  4. Babacar Sane, F, G League Ignite (born 2003)
  5. Tyler Smith, F, G League Ignite (born 2004)
  6. Bryson Warren, G, Sioux Falls Skyforce (born 2004)

For the full list of the players who declared for the draft and then withdrew, click here.

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