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Bulls Exploring Pau Gasol Trade; Deal Unlikely

WEDNESDAY, 12:09pm: Negotiations between the Lakers and Bulls about Gasol may have fallen apart when Chicago was unable to find a third team to facilitate the deal, reports Sean Deveney of The Sporting News. An East GM said of the talks: "I think that died on the vine."

TUESDAY, 9:56pm: If a deal between the Lakers and Bulls involving Gasol were to materialize past the exploratory talks, it looks as though there are some major financial obstacles to overcome, writes K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune

There are major luxury tax implications for both teams, and while there are expiring contracts for the Bulls to offer, it isn't likely that cap relief will help get the deal done. Taking on the remaining three years of Boozer's contract could have a dire effect on the franchise, as they could be subject to more prohibitive penalties as a luxury tax-paying team, writes Johnson.

K.C. also cites the Los Angeles Times, saying that the Lakers have reportedly asked for Joakim Noah, an unknown player, and two first-round picks in exchange for Gasol. 

3:34pm: The Bulls are exploring avenues to try to trade for Pau Gasol, reports's Marc Stein. Chicago has been linked to Gasol multiple times in recent weeks, though this is the first time we've heard that they're actively pursuing trade scenarios for the Lakers' big man.

According to Stein, the Lakers have limited interest in the players the Bulls could offer for Gasol, including Carlos Boozer. Stein hears that for a deal to have any chance of working, a third team would likely have to get involved, and the Bulls haven't found that third team yet, tweets K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune. The Lakers, who continue to talk to other clubs about potential Gasol trades, prefer to receive a top point guard if they're going to deal the Spaniard — and Chicago certainly won't be moving its top point guard.

The Rockets have also been aggressive in their pursuit of Gasol, though Houston's unwillingness to include Kyle Lowry in such a deal was a roadblock in those discussions. According to Chris Broussard of, Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak has been telling people recently that he doesn't anticipate a Gasol trade will happen before Thursday's deadline.

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22 thoughts on “Bulls Exploring Pau Gasol Trade; Deal Unlikely

  1. jwsox

    Please let this happen!!!! Even if it’s for Noah please please please let it happen!!!

    • Prior2sosawaslee

      for noah?? a playoff beast?? for pau who gets shoved around? then u have boozer and pau who both get shoved around, noah and pau work boozer and pau wont

  2. ThinkBlue10

    We better get a legit point guard if we give up Gasol. Not just for Boozer and scrubs…

    • Jasko

      bulls don’t have scrubs

      • ThinkBlue10

        But they also don’t have the pieces to land Gasol.

  3. dc21892

    Gasol would mesh so easily into that lineup.

  4. Chickmagnet910

    Why not a 3 team deal with the cavs? Picks go to cavs and a player (steve blake maybe?) Sessions and Boozer go to LA, Pau comes to CHI

    • jwsox

      LA gets: boozer and sessions
      CHI gets: pau and Blake
      CLE gets: cj Watson bobcats draft
      Pick from the bulls, bulls 1st round draft pick. And lakers 1 round pick.

      Pretty fair deal all around bulls upgrade with pau. The lakers down grade a bit in boozer. But up grade insanely with sessions and the cava get a solid back up point guard and 2 potentially 3 extra feat round picks. If the bobcats stay
      Protected it’s unprotected in 2 years which could be a potential #1 over all.

      • Prior2sosawaslee

        this is a stupid trade and it wouldnt work at all for any of us, what would make more sense, would be
        LA gets- boozer, and sessions, and the charlotte pick maybe a chicago 2nd round pick also,
        Chicago gets – pau gasol and blake
        cle gets – cj watson and some garbage throw in

        and thats without looking at figured, paus pay just a few million if traded, so chicago needs to be careful, find someone stupid like washington to take boozers contract for a big youngster and a pick, and then send those to the lakers. there is no way i trade noah, deng, brewer, korver, taj or omer for pau, whos just going to put the bulls over the luxury tax, and break the comfortable chemistry the bulls have. but no trade will happen.. maybe we pull off ray allen for jimmy butler and korver?

    • Lafranco3

      Horrible trade, the Lakers can get sessions without giving up Gasol. If the bulls want Pau they would need to give up Noah and Deng. Lakers won’t take Boozer he’s horrible.

  5. Vegandork

    How about a three way deal with the Lakers and Bulls?

    link to

    • Afflictionn

      That is a terrible trade. You really think the Magic are going to part with Howard for just Boozer and Deng in return? No way that happens.

      • Vegandork

        Every single report on the Magic’s trade preference is the Bulls in a deal involving those two players.

    • Nikola Mirotic


  6. Afflictionn

    Make it happen Bulls!!

    Bulls: Gasol
    Lakers: Boozer, CJ Watson, 3rd player/draft pick


    Bulls: Gasol
    Lakers: Boozer, Nash
    Suns: Watson/Lucas, Draft Picks

  7. Murcio32

    Bulls can’t include Noah in any trade unless it’s for Howard. He sets the tone on defense, we need that vs the Heat come playoff time. Boozer, Asik, Watson and or bobcats pick should be enough. I’d take Noah over Gasol any day. IMO.

    • ThinkBlue10

      That won’t get you Gasol buddy.

      • Do you even know who these players are ThinkBlue10? Gasol is great but the Lakers are trying to ship him for a reason. Asik is a top 5 defensive center. Watson would be an improvement over Fisher for sure and that Bobcats pick is going to end up being the top pick in the draft in all likelihood.

        • ThinkBlue10

          Anyone is an improvement over Fisher so that’s not saying much. We get worst with this trade. And that draft pick is nice but the lakers are trying to win now.

    • Prior2sosawaslee

      finally, someone with a brain!

  8. Lakeshow

    Noah & Deng for Gasol, i would not want Boozer in a Lakers uniform, he sucks plus a horrible contract, no way the Lakers take boozer in any trade.

  9. Murcio32

    You won’t get a better deal then that Blue. Two players and a top 5 draft pick. Thats better then Kyle freaking Lowry and scrubs.

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