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Poll: Who Had The Worst Trade Deadline?

Earlier today, we asked which team had the best trade deadline.  Based on the voting so far, it looks like the Lakers and their acquisition of Ramon Sessions are the popular choice – hard to believe considering the big names that were discussed as potentially on the move.  With the trade deadline quieter than anticipated, which playoff hopeful missed out the most by not making an impact move?

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5 thoughts on “Poll: Who Had The Worst Trade Deadline?

  1. Ezpkns34

    The Mavs are losers b/c Howard won’t be coming to Dallas til at least next year’s trade deadline

  2. jared

    The Nets. It pains me to say this as a Nets fan but it’s the truth, in my opinion.

    • mount187

      I was thinking the same thing. How are they not on the list? They missed on getting Howard, and traded a first round pick for someone that can opt for FA at the end of the season. All the while holding on to Williams, as he came out and said he’s NOT opting-in for his player option.

      • HoopsRumors

        The intention was to limit it to playoff hopefuls…

  3. m3th0ds

    What about Golden State? The gave up a promising, young big and one of the better 2s in the league to get damaged goods and Richard Jefferson’s bloated contract.

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