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NBA Grants Celtics 2013 Second-Round Pick

The NBA has granted the Celtics a 2013 second-round pick from the Thunder in a dispute over Jeff Green's medical condition, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports (via Twitter). The Celtics filed a complaint with the league when Green missed the 2011/12 season due to a heart condition, less than a year after Boston acquired the forward from Oklahoma City (Twitter link).

While the Thunder's second-rounder next year figures to be near the end of the draft, it won't be Oklahoma City's own pick that's ticketed for Boston, according to Wojnarowski (via Twitter) — it will be Charlotte's, which the Thunder acquired last December in exchange for Byron Mullens. Given the Bobcats' historic struggles this season, there's a good chance that pick could end up being 31st overall, or at least an early second-rounder. —–

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10 thoughts on “NBA Grants Celtics 2013 Second-Round Pick

  1. PNS102

    Smart Boston, very smart

  2. dc21892

    Can’t complain.

  3. Goran V

    why? Didn’t they draft him in the first place? Nobody seems to have noticed that he had a heart condition not even their own doctors before they drafted him

    • Lukereuter

      So? The celtics couldn’t use him cause of the condition so it’s unfair they should either give Perkins and Nate Robinson back or give them there draft picks

      • Zachpa88

        That’s stupid, if you sold someone a car that was in perfect working condition and 5,000 miles later it broke down on them. Would you want to pay for it to get fixed or feel you should have to? NO! David Stern is an idiot! What if Jeff green died? David Stern probably would make OKC give Boston Kevin Durant. This is a joke!

        • Cwalton

          if you buy a car, and it breaks down 5,000 miles later, you sure as hell have a warrantee to get it fixed. There are also lemon laws in regards to crap cars that are sold. You used a bad metaphor/analogy.

  4. Michael_Jordan

    should’ve been OKC’s second round pick, not the one they acquired from the Bobcats

    • Larry Bird

      No, they should have given them their first round pick.

  5. Green was supposed to pass a physical by Boston.
    If he did, then what their complaint is about, and if he did not why Boston did not cancelled the deal??

  6. Jazmag

    god how stupid r u guys u cant even get ur info right they get a 2nd round pick from this 2012 draft and the pick originally belonged 2 the Charlotte bobcats so its going 2 be in the early 30s

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