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Jeremy Lin Rumors: Tuesday

With the Knicks still not confirming exactly when they received the Rockets' offer sheet for Jeremy Lin, we can assume their deadline is tonight, even if we're not 100% sure. If a decision is indeed due later today, we can finally expect resolution on a topic that's sparked a ton of debate over the last couple days. A number of reports on the weekend suggested the Knicks were leaning toward not matching Houston's offer, but it appears no definitive decision has been made yet, as Chris Mannix of tweets. Here are the latest updates on Lin and his $25.1MM offer sheet….

  •'s Larry Coon points out (in an Insider-only piece) that if the Knicks matched Lin's offer sheet and wanted to get out from under the third year of his deal, they could waive him using the stretch provision. The provision would allow the Knicks to spread Lin's $14.9MM 2014/15 salary over the next three years, at less than $5MM annually.

Earlier updates:

  • Multiple sources informed Ken Berger of that the Knicks have yet to convey their intentions to either Lin or the Rockets. However, Berger says that "in league circles" there's a belief that the Knicks could still match the offer.
  • Fred Kerber of the New York Post is hearing similar rumblings, with one rival GM telling Kerber that he's "not convinced" the Knicks let Lin walk.
  • Within Berger's piece, he also notes that Carmelo Anthony voiced his support for retaining Lin, despite calling the contract "ridiculous" over the weekend: "I hope we can get it done, man. I would love to see him back. Honestly, I would definitely love to see him back. But knowing the business of basketball, it's kind of a tough situation for both parties. For Jeremy, I know that he definitely wants to be back in New York and James Dolan definitely wants him back. But it's just a matter of figuring it out at this point."


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11 thoughts on “Jeremy Lin Rumors: Tuesday

  1. Gonzalesv

    can you imagine if the knicks match lin s offer .. and have to pay all that tax money .. just to fight for the 8th seed the next 3 years .. j kidd is done .. melo is not as good as his best years in denver , amare s rebounding is decling and he is getting older .. who really knows how good lin and novak are .. and felton needs to get his ass in shape ..

  2. BrickTops

    And the circus continues. I have a feeling the Knicks will match. Stephen A Smith is an idiot for reporting that it was a done deal that they wouldn’t match. The Knicks have been playing games throughout this whole process so it would not surprise me if they leaked to Stephen A a false rumor to stir up the pot and screw with Houston’s plan. I mean seriously, if Houston does not get Lin, who is going to run point? Toney Douglas???? LOLLL

    • Jonathan Gallo

      Tony Douglas, man, luckily we traded him for Camby.

  3. Guest

    I’m really tired of having to click a link to continue reading a topic. There are plenty of other ways to find this information, so for me to continue using this site, convenience will be a deal-breaker. Pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

    • BrickTops

      I agree. It is extremely annoying. I found this site from that Tim originally authored. It does not have the “Continue Reading” feature. It needs to go away or I will. I have been following mlbtraderumors for 4+ years and follwing hoopsrumors since it’s inception, but I am tiring rapidly of it.

      • Tim Dierkes

        MLBTR is archaic in that way, full content on the homepage has gone the way of the dinosaur. For many, many people, it is preferred to do less scrolling on the homepage and just click the articles you want to see.

        • Harris K.

          How about a poll? I have yet to hear someone who likes the current system.

          • Garriscp

            I agree here also. If you are going to do click to expand the full article, it needs to be AJAX (don’t take us to a new page). Otherwise it’s a poor user experience to have to load new pages for every article.

          • guest

            what do you use dial up? who cares if you have to load another page. I’ve never been annoyed or thought this was a problem

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