Lakers Re-Sign Darius Morris To Qualifying Offer

July 2 2012 at 2:21pm CDT By Luke Adams

The Lakers have re-signed Darius Morris to his qualifying offer, reports Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports (via Twitter). The deal will pay him about $962K for 2012/13. Because Morris accepted the one-year offer, he'll be a free agent again next summer.

Morris, 21, saw limited time on the court for the Lakers in 2011/12, averaging under nine minutes in his 19 games. After the Lakers' season ended, he talked about potentially signing somewhere he could earn more playing time, but his decision suggests he's confident that playing time will present itself in Los Angeles.

"I love it here in L.A.," Morris said in May. "But being a young player, it's really important to be somewhere you feel you have an opportunity to play and get to grow on the court most importantly… We'll see what happens."

Players are allowed to accept qualifying offers during the July moratorium, so Morris' deal with the Lakers can be finalized immediately, rather than being delayed until July 11th.


15 thoughts on “Lakers Re-Sign Darius Morris To Qualifying Offer

    1. he just needs more playing time…. how do you judge a person after a shortened season with hardly any minutes??? hes a rookie, not a chris paul

    2. Horrible? He’s 6 foot 5 inches, has above average ball handling skills, decent defense skills, and has a point guard mentality, with NO summer league last year, NO training camp, and a condensed season with NO practice time, exactly WHAT are you basing your Horrible classification on? Mark my words, this guy will play in the NBA and make good money at some point in time, 6’5″ point guards don’t grow on trees. He would have been a top 15 draft prospect if he was in this last draft.
      We should resign Sessions, use Morris and Johnson Odom as backups and trade Blake and Pau Gasol for a great small forward as long as we can Resign Jordan Hill.
      Andre Igoudala would give us scoring and defense at the 3, Hill would give us defense and rebounding at the 4, Bynum gives us superior post play, and shot blocking at the 5.

  1. This dude is a dope PG with some size… so he’s not a 20 ppg player he is a playmaker that breaks people down off of the dribble and brings intensity… just needs some playing time… he’s already better than Blake…

  2. I don’t understand why Morris gets so much praise. Never saw much from his game. I know he didn’t play a lot, but I watched him in preseason and summer league. I didn’t see anything special.

    1. you didnt see his college game he was really good.. couldve been late 1st rounder but has trouble on shooting the ball.. but is great passer and lots of potential. and has good size plus is really quick

  3. Morris is a good pg with potential to be lot better. He is better than Blake. So Blake and his inflated contract can be traded for picks or part of a package deal.

  4. This dude is garbage and so is Jim buss ! This clown has ruined the lakers franchise since his dad let him take over! Pathetic. This is the same moron that traded Odom for a bag of popcorn! Why not use the $$ that was used on this guy for a pG that’s actually gonna see playing time.

    1. yes jim buss is garbage but not morris.. u cant blame the player for everything.. mike browns rotations were awful.. he has great potential

    2. What does Jim Buss have to do with Darius Morris? Mitch drafted him, not Jim Buss, and your Garbage comment is stupid, there was no summer league last year, no training camp, no practice time, and a condensed season with practically no practice days, so how does a rookie get development time? He’s 6’5″ with good skills, he just needs shooting practice, and some coaching. He would be a top 15 draft pick if he had been in this last draft.

  5. What a joke !!! Lakers are becoming a disgrace right before our eyes. Great to see no one wants to play with Kobe and Bynum

  6. Give him a shot. He played in 19 games. Mainly garbage time. Give him some real playing time before you trash his game

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