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Magic To Pick Up J.J. Redick’s $6MM Option

The Magic plan to pick up J.J. Redick's $6MM option on the final year of his contract, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports (on Twitter). The former Duke star enjoyed a strong season as he set career highs in points per game (11.6), rebounds per game (2.3) and assists per game (2.5). Orlando has until July 8 to officially pick up Redick's option after agreeing to terms with Jameer Nelson on a multiyear deal earlier Thursday.

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7 thoughts on “Magic To Pick Up J.J. Redick’s $6MM Option

  1. Gonzalesv

    reddick is not worth that money

    • Bebekilgore

      I believe Redick to be worth the money. He plays at a high level night in and night out. Not sure we can say the same thing about Jameer who let his game slip.

      • Coact Tice

        Resigning Nelson was a big mistake, he was our second biggest problem. The biggest is Howard. Van Gundy spoiled them and it destroyed him and the team!

        • CharlesMaglaughlin

          Disagree sharply. Nelson is no different than any other PG. He will prove everyone wrong this year. He played great against Pacers in the playoffs. He’s had to put up with his buddy Dwight’s NO CONFIDENCE vote. Truth is Howard and Deron Williams are REAL close buddies!

      • Steeiers

        Jameer would have been worth more as a large expiring contract who could provide punch for the 12/13 season, but he opted out denying to avoid being forced into a situation he didn’t want. However, he is worthwhile at the new, lower cap hit. It doesn’t change that the Magic need a young, defensively gifted point whether Jameer starts or not.If they were competing now, the 3 spot is the primary need (frontcourt depth being a pipedream) as Jameer does dribble the ball up the court, while the 3 spot does NOTHING.

        However, our new GM has made a deft move for the longer term. Signing Jameer for three years shows Dwight is GONE. While he(Jameer) is not the greatest weakness, he is not poised to lead the current team to the Finals. So why commit money in an aging PG who isn’t good enough to transcend the team’s other faults? Leadership, continuity, statesmanship, and even relevance. If trading Dwight sends them to the bottom, Jameer can score and lock down the position well enough and long enough to reload at the other spots without fading into oblivion. If trading Dwight sends them to the middle of the pack, Jameer can be the veteran difference between nearly there and still making the playoffs.

        Also, Jameer is little. Dragging Dwight’s heavy ass garbage around slowed his short self down last year. I don’t care that he’s supposed to be a professional and transcend his friend’s Twitter-Age Self-Worshipping Sneaker-Peddling Antics. He dealt with that shit while playing against other professionals. That crap is enough to give the other professionals who give it THEIR all the edge seven days a week. He’ll be worth his new contract on the court and off the court, so long as Dwight only visits a few times a year.

        • CharlesMaglaughlin

          Nelson is ranked 9th defensively as a PG, ahead of Westbrook, Parker, Deron Williams, Paul and Evans. The only point guard that IS defensive minded is Rondo. Nelson will prove critics wrong if he’s healthy. He was headed to the All Star game in 2008 before getting injured. He’s THE leader of the team.

  2. CharlesMaglaughlin

    Terrific, the kid is smart, a leader, top free throw shooter and long bomber. Chicago thought he was worth the money, but lost out to the Magic last year.

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