Mavericks Sign Chris Kaman To One-Year Deal

July 14 2012 at 3:27pm CDT By Luke Adams

SATURDAY, 3:27pm: The Mavericks have officially signed Kaman, the team announced in a press release.

WEDNESDAY, 5:21pm: The Mavs and Kaman have agreed on a one-year, $8MM deal, reports Marc Stein of

4:25pm: The Mavericks are on the verge of reaching a contract agreement with unrestricted free agent Chris Kaman, according to's Marc Stein (via Twitter). Having missed out on Deron Williams and other top free agents, the Mavs still have a chunk of cap space, and it appears they'll use a portion of it to bring Kaman aboard.


10 thoughts on “Mavericks Sign Chris Kaman To One-Year Deal

  1. dont understand why the rockets arent inlolved in kaman seeing how they were attempting to trade for him last season .. and i wonder why they havent made a run at mcgee from the nuggets .

    1. Could be there trying to get Howard or Bynum as the reason as the rumors having been swirling about them wanting one of the two already.

      1. yeah but thats been put to rest i dont think dwight is gonna be traded until the deadline ..why i dont know its just a cancer for a team to deal with .

        1. Not likely Rob Henningan isn’t going to let this play out into the season he just wants fair deal out of just like others have gotten for there star players. The reported LA/Houston/Orlando deal is still very much in the mix and will probably become even more so now the Magics focus now that Brook Lopez is resigning with the Nets again so they won’t have the cap to get Howard now period.

    1. They probably wanna keep there options open for next offseason but I agree Kaman is guy you wanna have as your center. The Haywood contract is also whats hurting the Mavs so that could also factor into this as well.

  2. This is the best center they could have signed based on who’s available. I’m surprised he agreed to a one-year deal.

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