Pierre Jackson Has Permission To Seek Trade

January 6 2014 at 4:35pm CDT By Zach Links

One of the D-League’s top talents could finally be on the verge of breaking through to the NBA, but it may not be with the club that holds his rights.  The Pelicans have granted permission to Pierre Jackson‘s representatives to seek out a trade for their client, sources tell Marc J. Spears of Yahoo Sports (on Twitter).

Sam Amico of FOX Sports heard before the New Year that New Orleans was giving thought to moving Jackson, the 42nd pick in the 2013 draft, for “future considerations” and perhaps cash.  Jackson, a 5’10″ point guard from Baylor, is averaging nearly 30 points per game and is considered by some to be the most dynamic talent in the D-League.  Jackson is currently with the Trail Blazers’ affiliate, the Idaho Stampede, but only the Pelicans can bring him to the varsity squad, unless they move his rights elsewhere.

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  1. The Lakers should really look at picking him up. I have watched him play at the junior college level and then at Baylor and this guy is pretty darn good. He is super quick and really good at getting assists because of his ability to drive the lane.

    1. Would be a terrible move given the fact that Kendall Marshall is playing solid and Blake and Farmar will come back soon. Bringing in this will be just a means to an end.

        1. Thats why he’s in the D-League. Yes, you’re right. Play this D-League rookie over VERY VERY experienced point guards like Blake, Farmar, and Nash. And at the moment, Kendall Marshall who once was a highly touted lottery pick from UNC. You are absolutely right.

          1. Yeah Nash is so good when he sits on the bench hurt and he can’t play defense at the age of 62. And did you forget that Marshall was also in the d league. If you think Blake and Farmar are the answer then you need to look at the Lakers record. SMH

          2. Who said they were the answer? Lol you seem to be confused or dont understand what I’m trying to say. The Lakers signing Pierre Jackson is a MEANS to an END. Blake was avging 10 points 8 assists before he got injured. Farmar was avging 9 points 5 assists before he got injured and now Kendall marshall is avging 10 points 7 assists since hes joined the Lakers. All have a 13+ player efficiency rating which is rather good for role players playing 25-30 minutes a game. My point in bringing up those players was that if the Lakers had gone after Pierre Jackson, they would have 5 point guards on the roster. You cant simply cut Nash, Blake, or Farmar. They have way too much experience in the NBA to even consider putting on Jackson who was a 2nd round pick and coming off a D-League stint. And the fact that they just signed Kendall Marshall after Marshall was traded away from Phoenix to Washington in the Gortat traded and was later released. Marshall is averaging 13.6 and 11.2 assists in the month of january so far. Bringing in Pierre Jackson makes NO SENSE. You talk like Im saying Blake and Farmar are difference makers. Well, Im not saying that. Im saying they are way better then Pierre Jackson. I say that because its true. Your logic to bring in a ROOKIE guard fresh off a D-league and that was a 2nd round pick makes absolutely NO SENSE. It is a means to an end and a wasted signing given the point guards that are currently on the roster and the fact that Marshall is playing well.

          3. No reason to argue because I do not agree with you. Pierre only leads the d league in scoring at over 30 points a game. No big deal, lol. Nash should be traded for a bag of peanuts and Blake, Farmar, and Marshall are def not the answer. So you must be confused if you are happy with the options they are going with. I did not say that had to have 5 pg on the roster. Release the dead weight. I posted the original comment because it was my opinion. You are the one that keeps arguing my opinion when clearly I do not agree with you. But you can keep loving the below average pg we already have on this team.

          4. I have to agree with Chad on this one and I think most people would. I have seen enough of Blake and Nash should be traded. He is too old. Plus none of the current point guards have that type of speed or play good defense.

          5. Nice to see someone else realize that Django Unchained is wrong on his thoughts!!! He can’t help but love him some below average guards :)

          6. Yes I love below average point guards. They are the best. You obviously know nothing about how D’antoni runs his offense with the current talent they have. You think you’re thinking outside of the box by saying an unknown like Pierre Jackson is actually good at this exact moment and is better than EXPERIENCED guys that the Lakers have at the moment, you are not. He definitely has more speed and quickness than the current guys the Lakers have but can he make the plays he is supposed to like the guys on the current roster? NO. He is a volume scorer. WIth the current make up of the Lakers roster, Jackson would not be a great fit. If you think Jackson is an above average point guard, you’re smoking some good ganja. You have nothing to base that opinion off of. He’s playing against D-league talent. Also, I first said that signign Jackson was just a means to an end b/c the Lakers would not sign another point guard to put 5 on the team. They would not release Blake, Farmar, or Nash and have Marshall there. Makes no sense. Thats the actual bottom line of this argument.

          7. And I dont agree with you and obviously the Lakers didn’t either. Your kind of move makes no sense. Your logic is to get rid of the players who have much more experience over a D-leaguer whois averaging 30 points a game against D-league talent. The Lakers dont need a scorer from the point guard position. In D’antoni’s system, the point guard handles the ball and facilitates and picks their spots like Blake, Farmar, Nash, and Marshall have been doing. Who cares if Jackson scores 30 points a game in the D-league? You think he’ll do that in the NBA? You’re looking at this too much from a fan perspective and not a GM perspective. First off, they cant get rid of Nash because he’s injured. No team wants to take on an injured player’s contract esp when its $8.9 million. Also, this would be bad for PR since Nash is one of the best point guards this league has ever seen. Secondly, Blake and Farmar are definitely not dead weight. Like I said earlier, you cannot argue with how well they’ve played. Their PER is pretty high for the amount of minutes they play. And you seem to skip whatever I say about Marshall. Again, your logic makes no sense.

          8. With the current make up of the team and the number of shooters the Lakers have, the point guard is not the number 1 option. They need a point guard who can run the offense and share the ball and shoot when open and spotting up. Kendall Marshall is avging 13.6 points and 11.2 assists in january.

          9. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion without trying to bash the other person. That is where you are wrong. You prob have never watched Pierre play and just keep repeating that he is in the d-league. Well so
            was Marshall. Pierre had almost 500 assists for Baylor in two years. That is no joke esp when you play in the Big 12. And I am not even a Baylor fan. Forget about the scoring. The Lakers have tried for years to
            bring in a good scoring point guard. They even brought in Ramon Sessions bc they were desperate. If you like Blake who they have tried to trade for years then cool. If you like Farmar who was playing
            overseas because he was horrible for the Nets then cool. But it appears from this page that I am not the only one who agrees Pierre would be a nice fit. No reason to think other people are foolish just because you do not agree. Have some respect for other peoples opinion.

          10. For someone who is so big on Marshall, you do know he was in the d-league this year right? And Pierre had better stats then him. Maybe you have never watched Pierre Jackson play ball and if so then you are forgiven for being so foolish with your comments. Pierre would be a way better fit then Blake or Farmar. And to say the Lakers don’t need a scoring point guard made me laugh!!!

          11. Yes I do know that Marshall was in the D-league this year. I’m also from Virginia where he is from where I’ve seen plenty of him from the ACC when he was playing for UNC. The difference between Kendall Marshall and Jackson is that Marshall facilitates and can run the offense better than Jackson would. But the argument was never about who was better or who you think Pierre Jackson is better than. It was about me saying the Lakers would never sign a 5th point guard to the roster. Who would you release? Who would you trade away? Jackson is young and hasnt played a single second in the NBA. The Lakers would never trade away Blake, Farmar, or Nash to sign a 22 year-old second round pick who just came straight from the D-league. So you can throw that out. Kendall Marshall and Pierre Jackson are two different kinds of point guards. Jackson is a scorer. Marshall is a facilitator. The Lakers dont need a point guard who shoots 20 times a game. They need a guy who can run the offense and pick his spots. You both dont see that.

          12. Also given the fact that Marshall IS playing well. Why would the Lakers cut or trade him away and sign Jackson? No one has seen what he can do in the NBA and we’ve seen what Marshall can do already. You both are relying on his D-league hype and think hes already better than the guys currently on the team. He may have a better scoring skillset but he doesnt have what the current laker guards have; and that is experience and knowledge of what D’antoni is trying to do.

          13. Lets just agree to disagree and call it good, lol. We both want to see the Lakers be good and win games and it’s just a bad season with all the injuries. In time, Farmar and Blake will be gone and we can only hope that the future is bright. The Lakers don’t have a Westbrook caliber point guard but I still wish nothing but the best for the players on the roster. Blake has hit some big threes for the Lakers over his tenure and Farmar helped them win a few rings years ago. But as a Laker fan, you expect to have stars not average players and I think we can both agree that this has just been a bad year.

          14. That’ll be fine. And yes I agree. It’s been a bad year. Looking forward to next years draft. But there are signs pointing to getting Love. So maybe that will alleviate the pain for us. I like our point guard situation. I think Marshall’s ceiling is the highest ceiling we’ve had in a point guard for years. Hes playing solid as of now and we get a Kevin Love and then wait a few weeks for Kobe to be back, they might turn it around!

          15. I have a love/hate relationship with Gasol and although he does not fit the current scheme, I would be excited to see Love come to LA and Gasol go elsewhere although Kobe loves him some Gasol. And I hope your right about Marshall and I hope he continues to shine. Wesley and Henry have showed some promise so who knows what the future holds for them. We just need a healthy team to compete and this year has just been tough on LA fans. I reside in Kansas but have been a Lakers fan since I was little. Not sure what to think about the Melo situation next year. Landing Love would be amazing though because that guy is one of the best at his position and competes every game!!!

          16. Seems like we seem to agree on everything except the point guard position lol. I only have a love/hate relationship with Gasol now because hes just not right for D’antoni’s offensive scheme. Love would be a perfect pick and pop player for the Lakers. I think having a stretch 4 especially a guy like Love who gets an automatic double double every game can be very beneficial for Kobe as well. I’m from LA but I was rasied in Virginia and am a huge Kobe fan and by home DNA, I am a Laker fan as well. I think Kobe should sit out the rest of the year. Rest a bit more. Then get ready for next season. The Lakers will most likely get a great draft pick since its one of the deepest drafts in recent memory.

          17. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion Bri so don’t be too harsh on Django. Some people think that what the Lakers have going right now is good, lol. I am sure you have watched enough Laker games over the years to realize Farmar and Blake have both contributed to the Lakers success in the past but now its time for some changes to be made. By no means do I think Pierre is some amazing talent with All-Star potential, just a way better option then what they currently have. Hopefully Mitch assembles a better team next year since the majority of the players on the roster are on one year deals. And remember, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink!!!

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