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Sixers Claim Thomas Robinson, Release Frazier

5:39pm: The Sixers have claimed Robinson and released Frazier, the team announced in a press release.

4:33pm: Chances are slim that Philly will waive Robinson, a league source tells Windrem, noting that he wouldn’t be playoff-eligible for another team if he hits waivers again after Sunday (Twitter link).

4:23pm: The league has informed the other teams that the Sixers have indeed claimed Robinson off waivers, as Marc Stein of hears (Twitter link).

4:20pm: A league source suggests to NetsDaily’s Robert Windrem that the Sixers don’t have much interest in Robinson and simply did the move to reach the salary floor (Twitter link).

4:15pm: Philly’s initial plan is to keep Robinson and take an “extended look” at him, a league source told Wojnarowski for his full story.

4:04pm: The Sixers have claimed Robinson and released Frazier, according to Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer (Twitter link). Philadelphia has yet to make a public announcement, however. If the team has indeed let go of Frazier, he immediately becomes a free agent and isn’t subject to waivers, since he was on a 10-day contract.

3:53pm: Philadelphia has indeed submitted a claim, Wojnarowski reports (Twitter link), so he’s poised to join the team after the top of the hour.

3:27pm: The Sixers are likely to claim Thomas Robinson off waivers from the Nuggets, spoiling Brooklyn’s deal to sign him, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports (Twitter link). That’d be a boon to Denver, which would have his entire salary of more than $3.678MM wiped from its cap, rather than simply the amount that Robinson agreed to relinquish in their buyout deal. It would also send the Sixers over the $56.759MM minimum team salary, meaning they wouldn’t have to pay their existing players the difference between their team salary and the minimum. Philadelphia would have to waive a player to make the claim, since it has a full 15-man roster, though Tim Frazier is on a 10-day contract. The deadline to submit a claim is 4pm Central time.

Robinson had reportedly agreed to sign a 10-day contract with the Nets, though Wojnarowski wrote that the Nets were expected to eventually sign him for the rest of the season. The former No. 5 overall pick went from the Blazers to the Nuggets in a deadline-day trade. He’s been set for unrestricted free agency this summer ever since Portland declined the fourth-year team option on his rookie scale contract this past fall. The Sixers would be unable to re-sign him to a starting salary of more than the approximately $4.66MM value of that option if they claimed him off waivers.

The Nets have reportedly been interested in bringing back Andray Blatche, so missing out on Robinson would seemingly reopen that possibility, tweets Alex Kennedy of Basketball Insiders. Still, a league source tells Tim Bontemps of the New York Post that the Nets have no immediate plans for their lone open roster spot, which Robinson was expected to fill (Twitter link).

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14 thoughts on “Sixers Claim Thomas Robinson, Release Frazier

  1. Victor Gonzales

    they should play their players the diffrence its the least they can do after setting them up to fail.

    • whattheDEUCE22

      setting them up to fail? Not sure I agree with you there, Victor. 76ers are definitely putting their players in a poor position to accumulate Wins but on what other franchise would half of these players get to play quality minutes against NBA competition? Most of the fringe NBA players on the roster probably love the opportunity to audition for the rest of the league and prove that they belong.

      • Victor Gonzales

        exactly my point since they are not good enough to be on the nba floor they should be in the D league playing against like them where they either shine and improve like t jones,montejunas,green,copeland,galloway etc .. intead they go out there gets their ass kicked which knocks their confidence down and then typically struggle.. just my two cents .. its one thing to have a bad team because of injury or a signing not working out or a bad year but what phily is doing should get their owner and managment in hot water from silver .

        • whattheDEUCE22

          Are they getting their asses kicked though? In my book, they are currently the 27th best team in the whole NBA! How’s that for glass half full? Also, they usually keep games incredibly competitive against some of the best teams in the league.

          And who exactly are you referring to?

          Should Covington go back down to the D-League where he was to start the season? seems like he’s doing just fine. Same with Jakarr Sampson, Hollis Thompson, etc. Even if those guys aren’t a part of the long term plan, Hinkie is betting on those guys to prove that they belong in the league so that other teams notice and want to trade draft picks for guys that literally cost the 76ers NOTHING.

          It seems like you fail to see the big picture, my man. All the respect in the world, but we’re just doing things differently in Philly.

          • Z....

            that team plays hard. Its cool to see guys getting legit shots there. Turnovers have been a problem for them. Otherwise, you have to like the way they play

          • Victor Gonzales

            yeah they are getting their ass kicked.. when your winning percentage is 20 percent .. yes .. lol that is literally the meaning of getting your ass kicked… its one thing to clean house …but this is a whole other level… trading mcw for what is at best a number 6 pick … is just not smart .. i mean at best its a 6 … if we are being real they are not going to get it this year and then it will be a 9-12 pick … meanwhile mcw was a proven player … a legit starter … and to your point of getting a draft pick for covington, sampson thompson … did they get one ? thats right they did not .. they did not even get offered a 2nd round pick for them … soooo instead hinkie gave away t young,gave away turner, gave away mcw and to be honest gave away holiday which started all this

          • whattheDEUCE22

            Dude. Relax. Clearly you havent done any sort of research on Sam Hinkie’s plan so it’s pointless to argue with you. If you don’t care to educate yourself when there are soo many articles (front cover of ESPN Magazine for starters) then you are the definition of an internet troll. You are hating for the sake of hating without anything to back you up.

            I mean cmon man. Evan Turner? Thad Young? I would love to see you build a championship winning franchise with the examples you gave. And he didn’t just give them away like “here ya go fellas, here’s a quality nba player free of charge!”.

            P.S. You can’t just cut and paste your pubes onto your face and call it facial hair.


          • Victor Gonzales

            you are also wrong about that because i lterally have done such a thing and it works … jk .. hey man to each his own … but if you are trying to tell me that losing 8 out of 10 games is not getting your ass kicked then you are the one trolling… im not saying you build your team around thd young but these are the types of players you need to win with … thats fine hey if you think hinkie is building a championship team then i guess i shall follow up with you throughout the years and we shall see how many titles hinkie brings you … and i dont want to hear it next year when your record improves by 10 games that see its working crap … hinkie is going overboard and right now i would say the only gm who is worse is flip saunders and phil jackson …


  2. who knows? he was a top 5 pick at one point- maybe he can show Brett Brown something and we get another young player that we can add to the rotation…diamond in the rough

    • Victor Gonzales

      as a rockets fan i really liked canaan i thought he had really good potential … he kind of reminds me of nate robinson … but to be honest i dont know if this got much run nationally but there was a incident that happened a few weeks ago were a camera caught dwight touching canaan … pretty much grouping him .. and i have to wonder if it had anything to do with him getting traded

  3. rxbrgr

    Will the Sixers retain his bird rights then?

    • HoopsRumors

      They’ll have his Early Bird rights, since his Bird clock gets knocked back by the waiver claim. The effect of that is muted, however, since Philly couldn’t re-sign him for more than the value of the fourth-year rookie scale team option the Blazers declined on him this past fall.


      • rxbrgr

        Awesome, thanks for the answer. Another little hidden nugget in the CBA I didn’t know.

        • HoopsRumors

          No problem! There’s always another layer to this stuff, it seems!


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