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Heat Rumors: Summer League, Ennis, Stoudemire

The Heat saw enough good things in summer league from Shabazz Napier, Tyler Johnson and Josh Richardson to make them all contenders for the back-up point guard spot next season, writes Ira Winderman of The Sun Sentinel. Napier and Johnson were both reserves in Miami this season, while Richardson was the team’s second-round pick in June’s draft. The Heat may need one of them to become the primary back-up for Goran Dragic if Mario Chalmers gets moved to help cut the team’s tax bill. Of the three, only Napier has a fully guaranteed contract for next season. Johnson is scheduled to make $845,059, with 50% being guaranteed after August 1st. Richardson is still unsigned.

There’s more offseason news from Miami:

  • James Ennis‘ clunker of a summer league performance was the latest bit of offseason bad news for the young forward, according to Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald. Ennis had hoped for an expanded role after averaging 5.0 points in 62 games during his rookie season, but he dropped on the depth chart when Miami drafted Justise Winslow and signed Gerald Green as a free agent. Now a poor summer league showing puts Ennis’ future with the Heat in doubt. He is set to make $845,059 next season, but none of his salary is guaranteed until August 1st. “This is the worst summer league I’ve played,” Ennis lamented. “I played better my first year coming from college and from overseas. I know I’ve gotten better, but I’m not proving it. That’s what gets me upset. It seems like I haven’t gotten better.”
  • Amar’e Stoudemire has changed his mind about the Heat in the past five months, Jackson writes in a separate story. Stoudemire said Miami “can be a contender in the East for sure” after signing as a free agent July 10th. However, after his February buyout with the Knicks, he didn’t consider the Heat because he wanted to join a team with a shot at a championship. Stoudemire wound up signing with Dallas.
  • Winslow, Miami’s first-round pick in last month’s draft, has been getting advice from veteran guard Dwyane Wade about life in the NBA, Jackson writes in the same story. “He’s just helping me get adjusted from everything from the lifestyle to the duration of the season,” Winslow said, “how to take care of my body, diet and nutrition. Everything has been helping me make a smoother transition.”
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7 thoughts on “Heat Rumors: Summer League, Ennis, Stoudemire

  1. Jeremy

    I’m not sure if you guys hate the Heat, Stoudemire.. or both? It’s getting a bit silly. 5 months ago Chris Bosh was diagnosed with blood clots, effectively ending the Heat’s season. I think you can verify that Stoudemire was bought out AFTER that occurred. A healthy Bosh in 14-15.. the Heat are right there with Atlanta / Washington / Toronto after the Dragic trade. The reason the Heat are better now, is because Dragic and Bosh have never played a single game as teammates. Notta one.

    • Arthur Hill

      Nobody hates anyone here. The post just points out that Stoudemire didn’t think the Heat were contenders in February, but now he does. There are many reasons for his change of heart, some of which you listed. As a Heat fan, you should be encouraged.

      • Jeremy

        I’ve very encouraged as a Heat fan.. but this article comes on the heels of Hoopsrumors not reporting Stoudemire to the heat (even suggesting he would go to the Mavs or Clippers still) when every other site was reporting he was “close” a Heat contract 24 hours earlier. 2 other reporters for the site had to apologize for that one.. now this lol. Like I said.. just silly. Very small in the grand scheme of things.. but does make me wonder what other things you guys spin like this.

  2. Z.....

    I still believe in Ennis. I would like to see at least Rio and McRoberts out (if possible, Birdman and Napier as well) and all of Tyler johnson, Josh Richardson and James Ennis in

    • Jeremy

      So you want the proven, quality talent to leave.. so 2 second round picks and a NDFA can take their place? That makes no sense. In a perfect world they would keep Rio (which I don’t think will happen) and have Josh Richardson play in china this year. If he develops (a la Ennis 2 years ago) the heat can bring him back in March and sign him. I don’t get why you like Tyler Johnson so much still.. he’s a bench warmer man.

      • Z.....

        The Heat themselves like Tyler Johnson…You still havent understood why we need to get rid of those guys. Its all b/c they are getting paid exponentially more than we should be paying those guys on this team. We can get comparable production from our young guys and another minimum free agent or 2, and it would lower our tax bill pretty much all the way down, leaving us some flexibility. McRoberts especially has to go b/c he has money on the books for 2 more seasons after this. Also, the fact that you are referring to Ennis and Tyler Johnson as 2nd round pick and non drafted free agent still, is totally ridiculous. They are now NBA players. What happened 2 years ago doesnt mean jack s***. Napier was a 1st round pick. He needs to go too. Rio was a 2nd round pick in 2008. Why not refer to him as that too? Birdman was out of the league a couple of years ago, but helped us win that championship. According to you, they should have never brought him in b/c clearly nobody wanted him…We have veterans on this roster, and we can supplement them with youth, length and athleticism. Richardson can stay b/c he can give us the defense we need on the perimeter. Obviously, we would be better off if he would be willing to sign overseas like Ennis did, and then we can fill his spot with someone else, but its not the end of the world if he does stay b/c of what he can give us in an area of need

      • Z.....

        I would really appreciate it if my comment shows up…I still dont get why it was marked for moderation. It is also the 2nd or 3rd time that has happened while I’ve tried to explain some of the same things to this same person.

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