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Knicks Interested In Jamal Crawford

12:54pm: Isola clarifies that the Knicks would have to be creative in constructing a deal for Crawford, suggesting the involvement of a third team would be a possibility (Twitter link).

11:51am: The Knicks have expressed interest in Clippers sixth man Jamal Crawford, a source tells Frank Isola of the New York Daily News (Twitter link). The veteran guard is under contract with the Clippers but has emerged as a trade candidate, with the Clips reportedly having explored Crawford trades around draft time and the Cavs and Heat apparently having been suitors last month. The 35-year-old who spent more than four seasons with the Knicks between 2004 and 2008 is a favorite of Knicks owner James Dolan, GM Steve Mills, assistant GM Allan Houston and Isiah Thomas, a Dolan confidant and WNBA New York Liberty executive who was president of the Knicks during Crawford’s time there, Isola adds (Twitter link). Current team president Phil Jackson would presumably have the final say about a deal that would return Crawford to New York.

The Clippers haven’t been anxious to trade the two-time Sixth Man of the Year award winner, but the trade rumors from earlier this summer, his exclusion from the team’s recruitment of DeAndre Jordan, and new players at his position cloud Crawford’s future, as Dan Woike of the Orange County Register wrote a few weeks ago. Crawford has also signaled his concern via social media, as Woike noted. Still, trade acquisition Lance Stephenson, one of L.A.’s additions on the wing, expressed enthusiasm about the idea of playing with Crawford, as Ben Bolch relayed late Monday (Twitter links).

New York has spent its cap room and doesn’t have a trade exception, so it would have to relinquish salary for a Crawford trade to work. The Clippers would no doubt want a player who can help them make a push for the title this year if they were to relinquish Crawford, though that’s just my speculation. Crawford is due to make $5.675MM this coming season, so salary matching would be based on that figure. Tax considerations may well come into play, since the Clips are about $11MM above the $84.74MM tax line. Conversely. the Knicks are roughly the same distance under the tax line.

Players who signed new contracts are off-limits for a trade until at least December 15th, so the only Knicks eligible for inclusion in a deal for now are Carmelo Anthony, Jose Calderon, Langston Galloway and Cleanthony Early. Anthony, who has a no-trade clause, almost certainly wouldn’t be included. First-round picks Kristaps Porzingis and Jerian Grant become trade-eligible later this month, and the Knicks are allowed to trade draft-and-stash signee Thanasis Antetokounmpo as soon as early September.

Given the constraints, do you see a workable deal that could land Jamal Crawford with the Knicks? Leave a comment to share your ideas.

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39 thoughts on “Knicks Interested In Jamal Crawford

  1. Jamal Crawford, Stephenson and DeAndre Jordan for Melo and Robin Lopez

    • Jojo

      Mmmmhh no

    • JKing

      That would be dumb we wouldnt have ANY depth at shooting guard

    • Sage


  2. SquaredX2

    Early & Galloway.

  3. David

    Crawford Wesley Johnson future 1st round pick for melo

    • Nate

      Ever heard of a salary cap?

    • Geewiz

      Lol you couldn’t get anyone for johnson

  4. Mark

    Calderon makes too much and he might be a expiring contract but that would work some other pieces need to by moved around but I can see this happening

  5. Would only take grant from the Knicks for jamal

  6. Tommy

    Bayless and Plumlee for Crawford. Clippers get an upgrade at back up PG and Center depth. Bucks get a scorer they need off the bench. Imagine a sniper unit of Crawford/Vaugh/Mayo/Middleton. Get it done Hammond.

    • Jake Bullis
      Jake Bullis

      Man, that’d be awesome. I wonder if they would accept that. They do have Austin and Pablo as back ups… but I would think that they would be smart enough to see that Jerryd is definitely an upgrade.

      • Shawn

        Jerryd is a sg in a pgs body so i think he could work run in a small lineup with rivers and Stephenson but i think id want a pure sg.

  7. Dr green

    makes no sense to have 2 volume shooters on one team

  8. Carlos

    Calderon/Early or Galloway for Crawford/Wilcox

    That works under salary cap rules. Honestly it’s all NY really has to offer.

  9. Jerian Grant we don’t need Calderon at all and we shouldn’t trade CJ Wilcox

  10. rodney

    clips have no legitimate back up pg…calderon would solve that issue for them…his shooting would open things up for the 2nd unit. They have a glut at SG….Not to mention Calderon is 2 years younger than crawford….it’d be doing them a favor more than anything.

    • Arthur Hill

      I know he’s 38, but the Clippers do have Pablo Prigioni, who was an effective backup for the Rockets after they dealt for him in February.

  11. nyk4life

    I personally will trade the following for Jamal:
    Thanasis Antetounmpo which has a PPG of 12.0, and an overall skills rating of 88 according to

    Lou Amunson who’s is a big man with a PPG of 4.9

    • Billy

      Lou Amundson has no trade clause

      • Spoont

        Clips waved Amundson

  12. kiloez

    Calderon can go.

  13. Jim Brown

    Do it, do not pass on the chance to get the guy we never should have let go to begin with…

  14. Warren

    He will be their 2nd best player they need sumthin

  15. triste

    Ok you want a title but you want to trade Crawford? I stead of keeping him? Smh

  16. Jose

    Crawford & CJ Wilcox For Calderon & a 2nd rd pick.

    Knicks Need scoring off the bench
    Clippers Need a solid Back up PG for Paul.

    This will leave the Knicks with no decent PG.. But I guess they can figure that out

  17. mike

    We just trade Jamal for Kristaps Porzingis because I would rather have Kristraps than Cole Aldrich for the Clippers

    • Nyork

      That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

  18. Bobby V

    For Calderone

  19. James Ryder

    The perfect 3 way trade (And salaries approve according to NBA Trade Machine!):

    Knicks acquire: Jamal Crawford
    Clippers acquire: Kevin Martin
    Timberwolves acquire: Jose Calderon

    Why Knicks do it: The reason Calderon is the best option is because he’s the one player that can legally be traded for Crawford salary wise, but why would the Clippers want another contract that piles onto the years and salaries the Clippers already own in contracts (They don’t – We will get to that later)? Calderon makes the most sense to trade also for that reason and because the Knicks don’t need him taking minutes from should be starter Jerian Grant who could instantly take Calderons role (just without the great shooting touch from deep and FT line). Knicks shed and injury prone player and a expiring contract with salary as well. Lastly the Knicks add another scorer behind Melo along with Afflalo to boost the offense further. Jamal and Calderon are also both putrid defenders, so the Knicks can only improve with Crawford delivering a (extremely more reliable and consistent) spark offensively a la J.R. Smith and they don’t get worse defensively/they remain the same.

    Why the Timberwolves do it: This is where K-Mart comes in. With recent signings of KG (of course), Tayshaun Prince and Andre Miller, the Wolves have shown they want veterans filling out the roster to help aid and develop the youngsters. Calderon would be reunited with his Spanish buddy Rubio and he would additionally be another vet for the young players (most notably Tyus Jones and Rubio himself). Kevin Martin is not apart of this teams future and Martins name has been in trade rumors in the past. He’s a scorer and he will keep taking touches away from Wiggins, Towns, etc. The T-Wolves like the Knicks shed a player who’s getting paid to do what’s not neccesary and add even more veteran leadership while having more room for the young bloods to run wild.

    Why the Clippers do it: Last but not least, the Clippers will find themselves in the same place they are now; comfortably in title contention with one player off the bench like Crawford who is simply there to score aggressively, Martin. The Clippers however won’t be in the complete same situation. With Kevin Martin they have someone now in Crawfords role who is 3 years younger and whose numbers and efficiency (to my knowledge) haven’t significantly dwindled recently likes Crawfords has. Kevin Martin will drive to the basket with finishing that isn’t as good as Crawfords, but he will do something Jamal loves to do at a higher rate, spot up. Martin loves the three ball as much as Crawford (and don’t we all?) but shoots it much better. Martin is the spot up guy they need off the bench like J.J. Reddick in the starting lineup. Why have both Crawford and Stephenson playing iso when Stephenson (a fantastic playmaker) can kick out to Martin if he can’t create his own shot (the way Reddick is constantly set up for open threes and pick and pop jumpers)? Martin just makes way more sense then Crawford does for L.A. and the Clippers shouldn’t mind only paying around an additional 2 mil for Martins services a year.

    • Nicholas

      This is the only comment that makes sense.

  20. Adam

    Wait until December 15th, then trade Crawford for Kyle O’Quinn/Cleanthony Early (solid backup C & SF)

  21. Joseph

    Why are all the Knicks fan saying that can get Jamal easily with 2 useless players to the clippers

  22. Young

    Forward rookie Anthony and a first round for Jamal

  23. Dude

    As a Knicks fan we can use this, this year as well as runs for big name players next hear in FA…

  24. The Knicks should not do any trade for JD.

    • That was for JC.

  25. The Knicks should keep on going with young players.

  26. Knick fans complained about how much of a volume shooter JR was & adding Jamal at this point is no difference. Might actually be worse for the Knicks to give up players their developing to have Jamal out there. Hell of an offensive player but it’s one of those he might score 20 but will most likely have 20 dropped on him type of things.

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