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Cavs Eye Korver, Evans, Asik; Kings Reject Mozgov

The Cavaliers are interested in Kyle Korver and also have Tyreke Evans and Omer Asik on their radar, while recent talks with the Kings about Timofey Mozgov have met with rejection from Sacramento, Brian Windhorst of ESPN said in a radio appearance today on ESPN Cleveland’s “The Really Big Show,” according to a series of tweets from ESPN Cleveland. The Cavs have also been showcasing Anderson Varejao for a trade, Windhorst said, nonetheless adding that it doesn’t seem he’s drawing much interest. It’s unlikely that Cleveland lands Korver, Windhorst also said, though the relatively likelihood of Evans, Asik and Mozgov changing teams is unclear. The Cavs and Pelicans had talks earlier that involved Mozgov and Asik, but the Cavs were reluctant to deal, as Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical on Yahoo Sports reported last month.

Atlanta has reportedly solicited offers for Jeff Teague and Dennis Schröder of late and isn’t entirely certain that Al Horford will re-sign in free agency this summer, and Windhorst speculates that the Hawks could be sellers. They’re in fifth place in the Eastern Conference at 30-24, having already lost more games than they did during the entire regular season last year. Korver is under contract through next season, at more than $5.746MM this year and more than $5.239MM for 2016/17. His normally elite 3-point shooting is down to 38.3% this season, but that’s still better than most, and the Cavs have reportedly sought to add long distance shooting and defense to the wing.

New Orleans has reportedly sized up the market for Tyreke Evans and had discussions about trading him, though it’s unknown whether those talks were internal or external. The former Rookie of the Year is out until at least the All-Star break with tendinitis in his right knee. He’s once more been seeing time at point guard, where he’s matching his career high with 6.6 assists per game, though it would seem more logical that Cleveland would have interest in him as a wing player. His salary of nearly $10.734MM is just barely outside the bounds of the $10,522,500 trade exception Cleveland has as a vestige of Brendan Haywood. That’s true even though Evans’ salary for next season, the last year on his contract, is only about $10.204MM.

Asik’s numbers are off significantly this year, having suffered a right calf strain in the preseason that continued to bother him well into the regular season. The five-year, nearly $53MM contract he signed this past offseason looks player-friendly so far, though his more than $9.213MM salary for this year would fit within Cleveland’s exception.

He’d ostensibly offset the lack of production the Cavs have seen from Mozgov, who has also been slow to recover from injury, having undergone offseason surgery on his right knee. I examined Mozgov’s trade candidacy shortly after Wojnarowski reported that the Cavs had begun to explore the trade market for him. Sacramento would be an odd fit for him, given the presence of big men DeMarcus Cousins, Kosta Koufos and Willie Cauley-Stein, though it’s unclear what the Kings would have relinquished in Cleveland’s proposals. Mozgov is making $4.95MM this season on an expiring contract.

Varejao saw 27 minutes of action against the Pelicans on Saturday, but his minutes have otherwise been spotty. The longtime confidant of LeBron James is making $9.638MM this season in the first year of a three-year extension.

Do you see a deal involving any of these names that the Cavs should make? Leave a comment to tell us.

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9 thoughts on “Cavs Eye Korver, Evans, Asik; Kings Reject Mozgov

  1. Chris Crouse

    If the Cavs can get Evans for Mozgov and they have to eat Asik’s deal to do it, that may be worthwhile.
    For New Orleans, It makes sense so that it can retool this offseason, though I’d like to keep Evans if I was the GM.

  2. Arthur Hill

    If the Hawks decide to be sellers, they have a lot of talent to move. Teague, Korver, Millsap, maybe even Horford would be nice additions to playoff teams.

    • victor

      i would really like to see the rockets move howard,smith,lawson,maybe kj for horford and teague

      • What value is there going back to the Hawks outside of KJ? Two young/semi young guys in their prime for an injury risk center, a PF who has never really fit anywhere because of his unique style (and I highly doubt Atlanta would want to bring him back) and a PG with off-the-court issues is a terrible return.

      • jacobsigel1025

        Why would the Hawks ever do that

        • victor

          because howard would fit really well with milsap … and because howard and smith are from ATL … becuase teauge tends to disapear in big games… because you may not want to give a big man with health question marks(horford) a five year max deal at more then what he could get on open market. howard smith milsap korver lawson get ATL in the east finals against Cavs.

          • Let me guess, your a Rockets fan? You probably also think an Ariza for Durant straight swap and Beverley for Curry straight swap are good. There are so many problems with your explanation its almost comical:
            1) What proof is there that Howard would fit well next to Millsap?

            2) Just because they are from there doesn’t mean the Hawks are going to take them (besides the fact that the Hawks probably want nothing to do with Smith. On that logic, Teague should go to Indy (which I would be down for) since he’s from there.

            3)Howard has more health question marks than Horford, is older and is also likely to become a free agent. Both are likely to seek max deals and Horford is more deserving of it than Howard.

            4)That lineup would maybe make the conference finals in a video game, not in real life.

            5) If the Hawks offered the same package (Howard, Smith, Lawson) to the Rockets for Horford and Teague, would you say yes? If not, its probably not a good trade. If yes, you probably wouldn’t make a good GM.

  3. smittybanton

    Boston runs the show with their rights to BKN’s 2016 1st round pick. They have a massive hole in the middle. And if you’re a team considering a rebuild, you want a good shot at Ben Simmons.

    • smittybanton

      They actually have three, BKN, their own and Memphis’. I’ll bet almost every trade rumor involving a prominent center begins with the Celtics offering BOS16 & MEM16, the other team counters with BKN16 (plus whatever, depending on the player). Should be a game of chicken up until the deadline.

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