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Latest On Danilo Gallinari, Celtics

The Celtics have aggressively pursued a trade for Danilo Gallinari, but the Nuggets have consistently rebuffed them, Chris Mannix of The Vertical on Yahoo Sports said in a radio appearance on the “Toucher & Rich” show on 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston (audio link via That confirms a report last week from Sportando’s Orazio Cauchi, who heard that the Celtics were targeting Gallinari and that president of basketball operations Danny Ainge was keen on his shooting ability and leadership skills. The Nuggets are similarly enamored with the Italian-born small forward, and they want to build around him, Mannix said.

Denver has set a high bar for Gallinari offers, demanding at least two first-rounders, according to Cauchi, and he and Emmanuel Mudiay are among the few Nuggets the team would object to parting with, as Mannix explained. The Celtics have no shortage of draft assets, but the unprotected 2016 first-rounder they have from the Nets is “definitely not available,” writes Sean Deveney of The Sporting News.

The Gallinari talks with the Celtics never amounted to more than a conversation, even though the Nuggets are otherwise “open for business,” Mannix said. Gallinari became eligible for inclusion in a trade just this week on the six-month anniversary of the rare renegotiation-and-extension he signed over the summer. That deal gives the 27-year-old salaries that add up to $45.15MM from this season through 2017/18, though he can opt out after next season.

The Celtics have also been linked to Dwight Howard with several conflicting reports. Frank Isola of the New York Daily News, who first reported the discussion between Houston and Boston, wrote that the Celtics had engaged the Rockets, but Mannix said Houston initiated the dialogue.

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21 thoughts on “Latest On Danilo Gallinari, Celtics

  1. Bbone34

    If I were Ainge I wouldn’t mind doing a deal including 2 first rounders and Lee for DG, so long as those picks are probable late lotteries at best. Maybe ’16 Celtics and ’16 Minnesota which is top 12 protected (most likely will turn into ’16 2nd and ’17 2nd)

    • Kenzo567

      The two first rounders includes the unprotected Pick from Brooklyn, that’s why this trade isn’t going to happen.

  2. robert

    sounds like the nuggets want to keep him..

    • We don’t need this guy his not going to make Boston better period.

      • You’re high if you don’t think Gallinari makes the Celtics better.

        • Bbone34

          Well said

          • Thanks man! His offensive skill set couldn’t be anymore perfect for Boston and he’s no liability on D either. I would have zero problem giving up two first rounders for him.

          • Bbone34

            He reminds me of a more consistent Jeff Green. He won’t make them contenders but I could see the Celts winning a series in the playoffs because of him. However they can’t afford to give up potential top 10 picks where a superstar could be had

  3. smittybanton

    Boston is already overloaded with middling players and has three draft picks and cap space this year. They don’t have enough room. It only makes sense for Ainge to call around the league and see what they can get for a package of BOS16 & MEM16.

    No on #9pick last year, Demarcus Cousins, Dwight Howard, Gallinari…..

    Will probably have to settle for Brook Lopez.

    • Arthur Hill

      Lopez isn’t a terrible option, outside of his contract, but many more options are likely to open up over the next two weeks.

      • I don’t think Brooklyn wants to do a deal with us ever again lol

        • SteelD9791

          They at least want some vasoline before he gets another call from Danny

    • If I am going to give up 2 1st round picks I would pick Brooke Lopez over gallinari any day. Brooke Lopez is ten times the player gallinari is. Gallinari is only shooting 40% that’s like old Kobe shooting numbers.

  4. victor

    seems to be like the celtics really need a legit center without having to give up thomas,crowder,bradley which i think is going to be tough … but why not target someone like tiago splitter or tyson chandler were you may not have to give up much

    • Connorsoxfan

      Chandler would completely throw out the cap space this summer. Ainge would not go for that.

      • victor

        the cap is set to go up and as long as they take back lee in the deal it close enough to work out .. chandler gives the cs legit rebounding and legit rim protection..

  5. Dicka24

    I’m mixed on Gallo as a C’s fan and full blooded paesan. On the one hand he can score, and would be an upgrade for the Celtics. The bad is when I looked at his career stats, and noticed he’s a 41% shooter from the field. As in every season as a pro he’s shot 41% or so. That is fairly bad. Does that percentage tick up on a better Celtics team, and in Stevens’ “Space & Pace” system? Maybe, but Gallo has never shot better than 42% in any season. I think he’s a volume shooter, which I don’t think is a needle mover really, and what the Celtics are looking to use their cap space and assets for.

    • Bbone34

      I agree but when a player can score 20 in a game it means he most likely is taking more shots and therefore is probably being game planed around. To me he just has a hard time getting open looks. The Celtics need a guy who can handle taking a lot of shots so at the right price they should jump. How many more of these middle 1st round guys can they get minutes? They need to start turning quantity into quality.

  6. I wold trade Gallo in a heart beat for two first rounders!!

  7. link to

    thos trade makes alot of sense.

    one team(either den or hou) gets the brk first round pick and miny first this season and two future second round picks.

    the other team gets the dal first boston first and the rights to swap picks
    with brk next seaon + 3 future second round picks.

    in the end both hou and denver should end up with top 5 picks hou gets a young pg and keeps its cap space

    den gets two young players more cap space and more picks to help fill out its roster.

    boston becomes the best team in the east and the favorite to beat the cavs

  8. Henry Jones

    The Boston Celtics knew how much Danilo Gallinari would cost. The Celtics should of paid the price. The Nets are trending in the wrong direction.

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