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Timberwolves Speak With Tom Thibodeau

Some “cursory contact” has taken place between the Timberwolves and former Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau, sources tell Brian Windhorst, who made his report in an appearance on ESPN Radio’s “Mike & Mike” show (video link). Wolves owner Glen Taylor told interim Wolves coach Sam Mitchell that he would have this season to work with and that he would evaluate him after that, as Jon Krawczynski of The Associated Press said to Hoops Rumors in a recent edition of The Beat, so the team faces a decision about its coaching future this spring. Thibodeau has apparently long wanted the Knicks coaching job, and while that appears unlikely, he’s reportedly of interest to the Lakers and Nets and is linked to just about every coaching vacancy that arises.

Nearly half the Wolves roster has expressed concern about Mitchell’s job performance, Krawczynski reported late last month, though he picked up the endorsement of team leader Kevin Garnett. The Timberwolves won their 17th game of the season Wednesday with an upset of the Raptors, surpassing the 16 they won all of last season, but they still have the league’s fifth-worst record. That sets up Minnesota for another high first-round pick, making the job all the more attractive, as Windhorst discusses.

It doesn’t appear as though talks have become serious at all, though Thibodeau is anxious to return to coaching, Sam Smith of wrote recently, adding that he believes the former Coach of the Year would want personnel control. GM Milt Newton, like Mitchell, has no assurances beyond this season. The 58-year-old Thibodeau went 255-139 in the regular season and 23-28 in the playoffs with Chicago, which fired him this past spring.

Which team would be the best fit for Thibs? Leave a comment to share your thoughts.

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12 thoughts on “Timberwolves Speak With Tom Thibodeau

  1. Andrew

    Chicago Bulls,but they were not smart enough to keep him. So probably the Los Angeles Lakers.

    • Steve in Chicago


  2. Thib’s rubbed his higher ups in the Bulls front office the wrong way. In MN he could easily be the VP of Operations and eliminate that power struggle. He was known to be too tough on his players, turns out Rose might just not like playing basketball that much.

    Wolves have an elite young core that compares well to OKC 5-6 years ago. Towns is legitimately compared to HOF big men, Kobe has formally based the baton he got from Jordan to Wiggins. Rubio can’t shoot well, but he does everything else at near savant levels and might be the best “basketball artist” alive…oh, and Rubio has a (relatively) cheap contract in the new salary cap world. Lavine, Gieng and Shabazz all look like 8-man rotation mainstays AND the Wolves are going to get ANOTHER top pick this year (possibily getting the past 4 #1 overall picks). They have about as good of a chance to land Simmons as anyone, put Simmons on this roster and I think my in-house basketball coaching experience could guide that core to the playoffs!

    In short, Thib’s as coach and VP of Basketball Operations would be the best hire in Wolves history.

    • That was beautiful. Although don’t the wolves owe a pick to the celtics this year?

      • Wont matter because wolves will be bad enough to get a top 12 pick so it’ll turn into 2nd rounders after this yr.

    • Alright lets calm down…Wiggins, while really good (and I’m a huge fan of his), isn’t the next Kobe or Jordan (at least not right now). This can go both ways, but give him another 2-3 years before we crown him the best SG in the league or most dominant player of his era.

      • Bricks

        Wiggins isnt the #1 on the team. KAT is and he is going to be one of the best in the league at his rate.

  3. Best fit and team that needs him…Houston, not sure he is interested with Morey running the show

    • Houston is a hot mess right now

  4. NageGelson1

    Bulls should have never gotten rid of thibs he was a great coach. I see a lot of potential in Fred hoiberg. I think he’s going to be like another brad Stevens type of coach

  5. Steve in Chicago

    Lakers or Wizards

  6. Brooks would be a much better choice. Young players don’t need a coach who wear players out. Towns, Wiggins and Lavine will be worthless in 3 years.

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