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Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 3/27/16

Chicago entered the season with hopes of challenging LeBron James and Cleveland for the Eastern Conference crown. How did it go for the Bulls? Injuries derailed any hope of an NBA Finals appearance and just making the playoffs seems unlikely after three straight losses, all against teams with losing records. At 36-36, the Bulls sit two games behind the Pistons and Pacers for one of the last two playoff spots in the conference.  If Chicago misses the playoffs for the first time since the 2007/08 campaign, the roster could see a serious overhaul this summer.

Joakim Noah may have played his last game in a Bulls uniform, as he will be a free agent come July. Pau Gasol will likely opt out of his deal and become a free agent as well. Taj Gibson was the subject of trade rumors leading up to the trade deadline, so he is no lock to remain in town, and if the front office doesn’t believe Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler can find the ideal on-court chemistry, it may be time to look at trade options for Rose while the point guard still has one year remaining on his deal.

The Bulls have talent, and they own all of their future first-rounders in addition to a top-10 protected 2016 first-rounder from Sacramento. This team could easily retool and get itself back into the upper echelon of the Eastern Conference. How should the team go about improving? That’s tonight’s shootaround topic: What moves should the Bulls make this summer? We’re asking you to sit in GM Gar Forman‘s chair and make the tough calls. Take to the comments section to share your thoughts and opinions on the subject. We look forward to what you have to say!

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26 thoughts on “Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 3/27/16

  1. Cant rid Hoiberg. 5 years/25 million contract and still paying Thibs last year. So keep Rose, Butler, Mirotic , McDermott , Portis. I love Noah but we have to get he and Gasol off the books. That’s 13 and 7 million respectively. Go after Hassan Whiteside C from Miami with that cash. The cap will go up so the Bulls have space to make more moves. Go after Bazemore SF with 12-15 million. Trade Snell for a second rounder /mad or cash ( 2 million savings). Trade buy out Biastow ( only 50 percent of his salary is guaranteed 500k). Let Brooks walk ( salary 2 million). Use that 4.5 million to put up against the 12-15 million for Bazemore. That will cost 7.5-10.5 million. Bench will be Mirotic , McDermott, Felecio, Portis, Moore * if you can resign him, Dunleavy keep or trade ( he’ll be 36 ) , and with the 1rst round draft pick use it for a backup PG. That’s 12 deep. Find a vet SG.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. Hassan has star written all over him. Or we should pursue Harrison Barnes and draft a center. Many options on the table come this summer.

      • Chris Crouse

        I like Barnes as a fit next to Butler. Might be hard to pry him from GS.

    • I would do a Complete Overhaul with the exception of keeping Mirotic, Mc Dermott, and Portis. Everyone else needs to go. I’d trade Jimmy Butler to Boston since they have all those picks. I would work out a Buyout with Rose because no one will trade for him. Also I would trade Taj for a late first Rd pick. I would let both Gasol and Noah go. I would also trade Dunleavy for a draft pick. I would build a team that would fit Fred Hoiberg’s system. Last but not Least Both Paxson and Gar Foreman must be fired. I would only sign players that can share the rock, knock down open shots, and play good team defense. I would not over spend on any FA unless their a Proven Superstar with great leadership skills.

      • Chris Crouse

        If you’re shopping Butler, the Sixers would likely want to speak with you

      • Hchiller

        Why would u trade butler. He’s the only thing good for the Bulls! U keep stars not trade them

    • soxfanjh

      That roster still doesn’t seem like it would be able to compete against Cleveland unless Rose turned into 2011 form (which isn’t happening) I think there needs to be some MAJOR retooling besides that. Getting Noah and gasol off the books is a good idea but the Bulls need literally a superstar to contend to play with Rose and butler.

    • Bikram

      You’re right on! I agree with everything you’ve said. Bazemore would be a good addition, an athletic wing that shoot and play defense. Having Whiteside will help solidify our now soft defense in our paint, plus he’s starting to bloom offensively in the coming years. In addition to that, the only way we will get these moves done, is if we get rid of our incompetent front office.

    • Arthur Hill

      Whiteside would be a great addition, but he stands to make up to $22MM in the first year of a max contract? Would you risk that much to get him?

      • Chris Crouse

        That’s a big gamble.

        If you’re Chicago and you already have Butler, you may not need to take such a big risk to get talented players to come to town.

        I could see the Lakers or a team without a star paying Whiteside to be that guy, but the Bulls could likely be patient and make a better move.

  2. Derrick Rose Fan

    Jimmy Butler & Derrick Rose will not work on the same team it’s not going to happen. Trade Rose for a 1st Rd maybe to New York or Houston because I think he’d be good with harden because hes a shooter.
    Gasol must go its not going to work either as well Noah his talents won’t be used with hoiberg. Tony snell has to be packed up in some kind of trade or be cut he’s not a NBA basketball player.
    If Rose is traded point guard & small forward will be main positions draft either of those (point guard) pay BAZEMORE at small forward. Also as far as the coaching staff there needs to be changes obviously hoiberg ma not going but some one with a defensive mind needs to be brought in becasuse the defense is awful.
    Also if Derrick Rose is to stay which I believe he could be happier elsewhere the offense needs to be ran though him and not Jimmy butler. It’s sickening how the only player that loves to pass him the ball is Noah and rose has been our best player since the all star break

  3. I’d keep rose, jimmy, niko, taj, mcB,ET,bobby, dunleavy, Joe(at the minimun $$ possible) and felicio. cut brooks tony bairtow and who ever is left, sadly i think the draft won’t help, we do not have the eye for the talent. Maybe whiteside…I don’t know

  4. I’m not really sure what to say the bulls are a mess from top to bottom in my opinion the first move should be fire Paxson and forman the second should be hire a very COMPETENT gm and vice president of operations then no disrespect to pau but they should let him walk he’s too soft and teams are always going to kill the bulls on the high pick and roll if you were going to keep one or the other i would rather have noah for the defense unless you can sign Whiteside the go after nic batum or bazemore or Harrison barnes or sign a good 2 gaurd and move jimmy back to his natural position draft or sign a good back up point or trade for one let the tony snell experience end get Derrick and Jimmy some real help this time we have to many of the same type of players too soft we need some bangers in the post and players that won’t swing at the ball but actually step up and cut off the player driving and make him reset if i see one of the many bulls players with another soft foul and give up a 3 point play i swear I’m gonna lose it

  5. First of all i don’t think the bulls should keep pau but if they do they need to do what the Lakers did and put players around him that can mask his defensive deficiencies

  6. I completely agree with most of the sentiment out there. Snell,brooks,Barstow can go. Try to package pau and pick(s)for a legitimate Sg. Keep everyone else I think Noah either takes a reduce min but more important role if not package him for 2 way center established one of course. Look for back up Pg in fa. Shoot see if Noah will take a position in organization player coach somewhat. Butler will play better together. Your not going to get anything really or Gibson unless you talk to sixers for ohkifar

    • Chris Crouse

      I like Okafor for this team. It would take much more than Gibson to get him, but a Butler-Okafor pairing is intriguing.

      • Arthur Hill

        Someone may get a great deal on Okafor this summer if that’s who the Sixers decide to get rid of. I think he’s going to be a big scorer in this league for a lot of years.

  7. Steve in Chicago

    First change: fire GarPax. Second change: sell the team to a new owner. Barring those two, keep the guys under 30, draft some talent, let Dougie start next year, try to sign a pure shooter veteran in the offseason.

    • @CW_Crouse

      What veteran would you suggest?

  8. Trade, buy out or cut Rose asap. He is a cancer that needs to be disposed of asap. Jo and Gasol gone via free agency. Keep Butler, Portis, Mirotic, McDermott and Moore. Trade Taj, Dunleavy, Brooks, Barstow and Snell. Go after Boggie Cousins and Hassan Whiteside and sign either. Go after Rudy Gay and Okafor. Fire Gar/Pax. I will not renew my season tickets of 25 years if Gar/Pax are not fired by NBA draft date.

  9. cooncat

    If I’m Gar, I fire myself immediately, the man is the primary problem.

  10. This is what I say, keep butler, Noah, McDermott, Portis, next season is a test for whether rose can stay healthy and if he can coexist with butler since they’ve barely played together. Trade dunleavy, let pau walk, same with brooks, snell, bairstow, go after bazemore, batum, Barnes, whiteside. Get a shooting guard in the draft and move butler to small forward. That way we have 3 ball handlers. Again many option to look at. Also fire garpax.

  11. Strauss

    Hi Jer. How are things going? Still making money I’m sure because you’re not doing anything to help your teams win. Enjoy your non playoff basketball team and your losing baseball team while you’re counting your money. But you might want to start looking for a new home for the sox. Your teams are giving the Browns a run for their money in mismanagement.

  12. Kareem Wallace

    Fire GarPax. If Rose can stop shooting so many 3 pointers that he can’t make-if he’s not shooting 3 pointers he’s driving to basket and getting those blocked and still not getting fouls called. Be a true pg and collapse the defense and kick ball out to open shooter. If not, trade if possible and get a first round draft. There are some talented big pg in this years draft. McDermott to starting sg, move Butler to sf. Package Taj and Pau and get Cousins to play center and move Portis as starting pf. Snell, Bairstow, Moore, Dunleavy, and Brooks need to go. I like the Holiday kid-he’s a good defender, he hussles, and not afraid to shoot just needs to bulk up. Keep Mirotic.

  13. joshuan5295

    Hoiberg is a lock to stay as management loves him, unless someone in ownership finally decided to fire the GM and VP. The Bulls need more athleticism and shooting. I suggest retaining the heart and soul of the team on Noah, retain Gasol, and look to trade Taj Gibson or Mirotic for help on the wing. Derrick Rose is starting to come to form but the Bulls need backcourt depth off the bench not Aaron Brooks and Snell.

  14. Bullsfan

    Let me make it easy for all you knuckleheads
    D Rose has been way better since before the all star break so he’s staying
    The way jimmy played on his first game after injury is why we keeping him
    Bobby Portis. Doug. Niko are not going anywhere
    Moore has a chance to stay since he plays Garda every night and makes few mistakes
    Jo is the leader of that team but injured so with that in mind if u he wanna be a bull take a pay cut or byebye
    Now gasol was a great player for us he has a chance to stay but idk if he should
    Trade everyone that I didn’t name
    And go after these players in order
    Harrison Barnes
    Hassan whiteside
    If you miss out on them two then I guess
    Nic batum seem like the next best choice even tho I don’t want him
    Bazmore is a nice player but can’t see his helping us to beat Lebum
    So we pretty much gonna be a average basketball team unless they win on a massive trade that never happen in bulls history
    Or find like in the draft

    In the nba it’s the
    Warriors cavs Spurs and thunder league for years to come so be ready to continue to be disappointed about our Bulls

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