Offseason Salary Cap Digest: Philadelphia 76ers

The NBA salary cap may be increasingly exponentially, but the salaries on rookie contracts aren’t rising nearly as rapidly, and given how heavily the 76ers are leaning on young players during their lengthy rebuilding process, those rookie contracts are featured prominently on the team’s books. As a result, the Sixers will head into the 2016 offseason with a ton of cap space once again, and will have to work hard to get anywhere near the salary floor. New general manager Bryan Colangelo has talked about focusing on winning rather than prolonging the 76ers’ rebuild even further, but unless Philadelphia goes out and signs multiple max free agents, the club almost certainly won’t make use of all its cap space. Expect the Sixers to continue to use much of that excess room to accommodate trades, as the team prepares to bring in a few more inexpensive rookies.

See how Philadelphia’s cap situation looks for 2016/17 as Hoops Rumors continues its offseason salary cap digest series.

Guaranteed Salary

Player Options

  • None

Team Options

  • Hollis Thompson ($1,015,696) — salary non-guaranteed even if option picked up

Non-Guaranteed Salary

Restricted Free Agents (Qualifying Offers/Cap Holds)

Unrestricted Free Agents (Cap Holds)

Other Cap Holds

  • No. 1 pick ($4,919,300)
  • Dario Saric ($1,931,900)
  • No. 24 pick ($1,105,800)
  • No. 26 pick ($1,026,300)
  • Charles Jenkins ($980,431)
  • Byron Mullens ($980,431)
  • Total: $10,944,162

Projected Salary Cap: $92,000,000

The Basketball Insiders salary pages were used in the creation of this post.

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4 months 1 day ago
1. Rescue Chicago: Take Derrick Rose and Mike Dunleavy’s $28M, give them TJ McConnell and Richaun Holmes. They need a point guard, backup or otherwise.They also need center. Both on three year minimum salary deals. Price: Chicago’s rights to SAC17 >10. Otherwise, Chicago will only have about $20M to get 4 or 5 players when Gasol and Noah leave. 2. Evan Fournier: Sign and trade with Orlando. Fournier gets a fifth year at the maximum. Orlando gets PHI19. They already have Payton, Oladipo, & Hezonja. 3. Dion Waiters: Off the bench scorer, and replacement point guard if Rose gets hurt… Read more »
4 months 1 day ago

You’re high. Plus half your info is wrong.

4 months 1 day ago

sound logic… trade lottery picks for srubs.


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