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Latest On Dwyane Wade

10:03pm: Wade has a meeting scheduled on Wednesday with Nuggets officials that will take place in New York, Wojnarowski tweets.

7:34pm: The Nuggets have offered Wade a contract worth more than $50MM over two years, Marc Stein of tweets. Denver is holding out hope that the veteran shooting guard will accept its bid, the scribe adds.

12:37pm: Wade’s representatives have told teams that their client is seeking a two-year, $50MM contract, reports Brian Windhorst of, adding that the Nuggets and Bulls continue to stay in touch with Wade, who is also talking to the Heat. Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical, meanwhile, reports that the veteran star is prioritizing a guaranteed third year in contract talks. Either way, it sounds like a two-year, $40MM offer won’t get it done.

The Bucks currently aren’t involved in the bidding for Wade, and while there have been rumors about the Cavs, there’s no traction between Wade and Cleveland at this point, according to Windhorst. Per Wojnarowski, the Bulls and Wade have talked about setting up a face-to-face meeting but nothing has been scheduled.

As for the Heat, Ira Winderman of The South Florida Sun Sentinel tweets that they seem to want to hold firm on two years for Wade, even though they may be willing to include a player option and do another two-year deal next summer.

10:58am: Dwyane Wade has canceled a previously-scheduled Wednesday meeting with the Bucks, according to ESPN’s Zach Lowe (Twitter link). Lowe’s report follows up on a tweet from ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, which suggests that Wade has canceled more than one free agent meeting. However, it’s not clear what other team(s) had been set to meet with the veteran guard.

Despite the fact that Wade played his college ball at Marquette, it always seemed like a long shot that he’d seriously consider signing with the Bucks this offseason after spending his entire career in Miami. After Kevin Durant opted not to sign with the Heat, Miami reportedly increased its offer to Wade to two years and $40MM, getting a little more serious about negotiations with the former Finals MVP. Although he didn’t accept that offer, Wade’s decision to cancel his meeting with the Bucks may hint that he and the Heat are moving closer to finding common ground.

Outside of Milwaukee and Miami, several teams have been linked to Wade since free agency began, including the Nuggets, Knicks, Bulls, and Mavericks. Of those teams, only Denver still had the cap space to pursue Wade. There has also been speculation that the Cavaliers could have interest in LeBron James‘ former teammate, though those whispers have been unsubstantiated. Even if Cleveland did explore that possibility, the team would have to trade multiple contracts in order to be able to offer Wade a decent salary.

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48 thoughts on “Latest On Dwyane Wade

  1. Austin Carr's Son

    Austin Carr’s son is saying D. Wade is going to Cleveland for sure, according to Facebook top trends. So, the trust in that source has got to be 100000000%

  2. Ravens_Last_Place

    Wade is nothing more than a name now. He’ll be 35 in January. The money Miami is offering is far more than he is worth and he should just accept it. They’re nuts for offering him that much.

    • Maybe you should actually watch some games or look at some box scores. Just because these guys don’t play in/for Philly doesn’t mean they’re trash. Wade is better than more than half of the Sixers’ roster. The jury’s still out on Simmons since he hasn’t played a game yet, but Wade is better than Noel/Okafor who would be the next best guys on the Sixers.

      • ThePhoenix

        Exactly. Wade was better than most superstars in the post season this year. Numbers don’t lie. JT is only 19 years old, so he has no logic.

        • Ravens_Last_Place

          He was good in the playoffs. But he is old. Buyer beware. I’d stay away if I was a contender, a borderline playoff team, or a rebuilding team. His good years are long gone. Some one at his age and skill level should not be paid near as much as he is seeking, even in this crazy market.

          • bigcubsfan

            Don’t “contenders, borderline playoff teams, and rebuilding teams” make up everyone? So you’re saying no one should sign him? LOL

      • mkeving

        Only half the roster? Who on Philly is better than Wade

  3. bsteady powers

    Nothing more than a name?!? You’re nuts

    • draftmymother

      Agreed. Ask the Raptors about DWade in the playoffs.

      • bigcubsfan

        Your username is the coolest by far. I would up vote your username if I could.

  4. Wouldnt be shocked if they dump Love to a team desperate for a superstar like the Sixers or LA. Free up cap space enough to bring in Wade.

    • z-aisadumdum

      Why in the world would Cleveland do that? In what universe does that make sense?

      • Don’t know of any universe where going to Cleveland would make sense. The money being offered at this stage as well too. But he isn’t going to play for mediocre money either.

  5. Chris815

    I’m going to put this out there again. It been reporter was want 25,million a year.
    And with Durant signing with warriors . And it been also reported that if thunder can’t sign Westbrook they trade him . Fact that he like to go home to la. And with James , paul and wade being close friend and would like to play together . So if you put two to two together . You can see scenario where this can happen .Here is my trade again
    Clippers get love and Westbrook ( love lives in la to)
    Cavs, get paul and Brice Johnson
    Thunder gets Irving and Griffith
    This trade gets Westbrook and love where they would like to be
    It gives thunder the two stars to replaces Durant and Westbrook .
    And it gives cavs money under the cap to sign wade so there new big three .Would be james , wade, and paul . They still have great team . This trade

    • chris815rules

      Hey fella. This trade just might change the face of the UNIVERSE!! I would definitely trade away Kyrie Ivring and Kevin Love, for Chris Paul, who is like Irving but older and not as good, and Brice Johnson, who probably won’t even make the Clippers team because who the heck is Brice Johnson? Oh wait, I forgot though, the end game would be to sign Dwayne Wade. Because he’s for sure going to be a better investment than Irving & Love. Love it! *clap clap clap*

      • I’m surprised the Wizards don’t somehow sneak into this trade and give Gortat, Gooden, a couple of future firsts, plus a free tour of the White House for Griffin, Cousins, Steph Curry, Michael Jordan, and Wilt Chamberlain.

        • Steve in Chicago

          How about adding in Meadowlark Lemon?

          • Z.....

            guys coming back from the grave to be on that wizards team rofl

      • Compton

        Paul and Irving are completely different players. You are not a smart person, please go away!

  6. Wade in Cleveland

    Unsubstantiated? Austin Carrs son is pretty close to the organization. So is the private jet company James, Wade, and Gilbert were on

  7. i just dont see wade to cavs happening it be difficult to make it work capwise. this could just be a bargaining ploy

  8. GoPackGo23

    Think it’s pretty clear if he is set on 25mil per that Cleveland is out of the running.

  9. apparently. the cavs jist followed wade and gabrielle union on twitter lol

    • whoops

  10. apparently. the cavs just followed. wade and gabrielle union on twiiter

  11. KnicksCavsFan

    Aside from chemistry issues I would be cool with Wade coming so long as it doesn’t prevent them from keeping Love and bringing back Jr Smith. It would also mean Wade being willing to be a 6th man on this team.

    Wade has no outside shot therefore he shouldn’t start ahead of JR Smith imo. There is also no replacement for Love at the PF position and with Thompson as your presumed starting C there’s no way you can have 2 bigs that don’t contribute in a scoring fashion on the floor together.

    In terms of value and fit Smith simply makes more sense as the starting SG than Wade.

    That being said, he would be an excellent 6th guy off the bench and could probably still manage 30 minutes a game as a sub for Irving, Smith and in cases, LBJ vs small lineups.

    Not sure how it works in terms of money slotted for departing players but if the Cavs can move Shump and Frye and re-purpose money spent last year on Mozgoz and Delly and I think they have a trade exception too. Maybe?

    • Eyeballtwo

      Ah….NO outside shot? Did you check with the Raptors on that? Wade had one of his best years last year — and didn’t lazily chuck up needless 3’s. He worked to get, for the most part, decent shots near the rim. Keep throwing dirt on him, and he’ll continue to burn your team. As a Knicks/Cavs fan (still trying to wrap my mind around that dichotomy), 1- Knicks ain’t sniffin’ anything clost to a title, 2 – Cavs were certainly rooting for the Raptors to win their series vs the Heat.

      If Wade goes to Cleveland, you think LBJ would want to rely on Wade or Smith? I know the answer, do you?

      • KnicksCavsFan

        Wade had all of 44 3pt attempts for the entire year and made all of 7 for a 19% clip. For his career he is a 28% shooter from the 3pt line. He hasn’t made 30% of his 3’s over the last 5 years!!!! He’s a good scorer but he does NOT stretch the floor the way JR Smith does.

        I can’t believe you want to go by all of 13 games. YES he was great in playoffs shooting 52% from 3pt land but that an outlier and not what any logical person would assume he would ever come close to over the course of a 82 game season taking 5 or 6 3’s a game which is what the Cavs need from a 3pt threat SG

        • Z.....

          to be honest, part of Wade’s struggles from 3 stem from the fact he doesnt really shoot them. When he does, its usually a forced shot, and its usually with hesitation. For most of his career, when he shot it with confidence, and did it when it mattered, especially, he actually makes those at decent clips. He spoke about having lost confidence in the shot b/c he hadnt shot it from there for a few years. In the playoffs, he talked about getting back to finding that confidence that he had before LeBron got to Miami. We saw him take the shot with a lot better rhythm in the playoffs, and he knocked them down. He also talked about not being as comfortable spotting up as he is taking the shot off the dribble. Obviously, Wade isnt a great 3 point shooter, but the shot isnt broken.

          • Z.....

            ….also, most of the 3s he made in the regular season came in the first few games of the year. He went a really long stretch without even shooting one

          • KnicksCavsFan

            People this isn’t even debatable. Numbers do not lie. From 2008-09 to 2010-2011 Wade went on a 3pt shooting binge combining for 727 3pt attempts. Prior to that, from 2003-2004 thru 2008 he only attempted 330 3 pt attempts. So in those 3 years he more than doubled his attempts. During that 3 years span his % of 3pts made was a horrible 30%. So at his most prolific era in terms of consistently shooting the 3pter he was among the worst. To put it context, he doesn’t even rank in the top 100 in 3pt % among active players!!! He sucks. He’s a great slasher and has a solid in the 10-15 jumper range but he isn’t a viable perimeter shooter which is what the Cavs need from their staring SG.

          • Z.....

            You obviously didn’t read anything I said.

          • eyeballtwo

            You’re right, Z, Knicks didn’t catch anything you said. As I said, he didn’t lazily chuck up 3’s, he usually works to get a better “closer” shot. Wait, we still talking about Kobe? What was his 3pt FG % this year, worst in the league? And Wade sucks? Difference between the two players probably about 100 FGAs from that range. So Wade knows long range bombs are not part of his regular game (saves that for those important playoff games he played without his teams’ top scorer) and doesn’t try to be something he’s not, what a novel idea!

            Knicks/Cavs – best of luck with Brandon Jennings this year….he will definitely shoot a lot more 3’s than Wade – if that is your metric for success.

      • Yes Wade could hit 3’s in the playoffs. But as KnicksCavsFan stated, his numbers from three were terrible last year. Plus Wade has been known, basically his entire career, to be a somewhat poor 3 point shooter.

        • Z.....

          lets not act like Wade cant play off the ball, as he has shown it multiple times. In fact, some people argue he is the best cutter off the ball in the league. In that scenario, LeBron would have to be on the ball, and in the post, a lot more than he has been, and Kyrie would have to spot up more. Obviously, you would still bring back JR for floor spacing off the bench,….

          But this is all moot b/c this isnt happening. At some point, Riley is going to finally stop messing around, trade McRoberts and PAY THE MAN HIS MONEY

      • If you think the way he shot in that series is anywhere near the norm, I have some swampland to sell you. He’s been a below average 3pt shooter his whole career, and last year before that series, he missed more than 4 out of every 5.

    • ThePhoenix

      wade doesn’t need an outside shot….

  12. Mike N

    3yr 70-75million get it done Sixers. Overpay if you have to.

  13. Austin Carr's Son's Son

    CONFIRMED: Dwayne Wade is signing with Brooklyn, 2 years 8Mill.

    • Austin Carr's Son's Son

      I mean, 80 Mill.

      • ThePhoenix

        say…isnt 40 mil OVER the max for one player? facts….get them

  14. ThePhoenix

    Ok…3 years at 17mil per. That way you can get SOME HELP…duh

  15. So he’d rather still talk to the Nuggets but not the Bucks? That……is ridiculous

    • aarongill

      Nuggets are better than the Bucks… I’d rather be in Colorado than Wisconsin anyway.

  16. Thronson5

    I don’t see him going to the Nuggets. Crazier things have happened I guess but that makes zero sense on both ends. I can see the Cavs trading Love to a team pretty much to dump salary and maybe get one young player with hardly any salary and then using that money to sign Wade.

  17. Senioreditor

    Denver why did you do it, you’re just being used……

  18. Danthemilwfan

    Biggest mistake of his life if he leaves Miami for Denver just for the extra money. Milwaukee he has ties, Cleveland I get, maybe even the Knicks, but I’d stay in Miami

  19. It’s Heat or Cavs, surely. He’s not going to a scrub/non-contending team just to bank a few more million. Not at this stage in his career.

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