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Heat Match Tyler Johnson Offer

7:22pm: The move is official, the team announced.

JULY 10th, 6:02pm: The Heat have matched Brooklyn’s $50MM offer sheet for Tyler Johnson, tweets The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski. Johnson signed the offer on Thursday, so tonight was the deadline for Miami to make a decision.

The Nets’ offer contained a significant jump in salary for the third and fourth season to make it difficult for the Heat to match. Johnson will receive $5.628MM in the first year and $5,881,260 in the second, followed by $18,858,765 in season three and $19,631,975 in season four.

This is the second disappointment of the day for Brooklyn, which earlier learned that Portland has matched a four-year, $75MM offer sheet to Allen Crabbe. The Nets still have more than $30MM in cap space available and are expected to move on to other free agents.

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21 thoughts on “Heat Match Tyler Johnson Offer

  1. Z.....

    At least we’re matching on Tyler Johnson. That could be a nice trade asset before the cap hits get crazy in years 3 and 4

  2. ErnestoFigueroa87

    YES!I’m relieved he’s not going to be a Net!

    • Z.....

      well, clearly you dont know who he is then

      • I think that’s the point. If he was someone…

        • Z.....

          just b/c you dont know who he is, b/c you clearly dont watch the NBA, doesnt mean he isnt deserving of the contract…As a combo guard that plays the kind of defense that he plays, and can shoot the 3 the way that he can, as well as be dynamic getting to the rim, this is his market value under this new cap. He got the same money as Clarkson from the Lakers

          • Who do you expect/want the Nets to sign then? No major free agent is going there. The team is probably the most unattractive team to go considering Brook Lopez is the only somewhat valuable asset on the team, the team has no significant draft picks coming up, and is in a total rebuild. The only way they are going to convince guys to sign there is to overpay or wait til the end of free agency and pick up the scraps. But good luck trying to convince free agents to sign with the Nets at a bargain rate when the team is going to be terrible the next 5 years.

        • ErnestoFigueroa87

          THANK YOU!

      • ErnestoFigueroa87

        For that kind of money and even if he played great last year,ONLY ONE YEAR!

        • Z.....

          its been 2 years

          • Z.....

            …also, that isnt much money. Its market for him. Its similar to $5-6 million per under last year’s cap….

  3. PeeWeeHerron618

    Wow! Smh but couldn’t give Wade his money.

    • Z.....

      This move actually had no baring on Wade. Its the other ones, ie not letting whiteside walk, fruitlessly going after Durant, not trading Dragic, not trading McRoberts, purposely pushing him out

      • It had some. If they signed Wade and matched the Johnson offer (which I’m not sure if they could even do depending on their cap), their bench would’ve had to be a bunch of minimum salaried guys. If they signed Wade and didn’t match on Johnson, they could at least probably get one or two average free agents.

        • Z.....

          they could go over cap for Tyler Johnson….Also, had they kept Wade, and not matched on Tyler, they couldnt have done anything with other free agents b/c they would have had no cap room

  4. FavDaddy

    Somewhere, Danny Ainge is smiling..

  5. bsteady powers

    Time to pay the piper in MIA

  6. Too much money. But that’s apparently how the NBA is going these days.

    • ErnestoFigueroa87

      THANK YOU!

  7. Kevin Daurt

    good job

  8. rycm131

    Max player!

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