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Knicks Interested In Greg Monroe?

The Knicks are among the teams with an interest in acquiring Bucks center Greg Monroe, who reportedly remains available, Sam Amico of Amico Hoops reports, citing league sources. The Knicks may need a third team to help facilitate a trade for Monroe and would almost certainly have to wait until December to make a deal, Amico adds.

The Bucks-Monroe relationship has not worked out the way many envisioned it would. After one season, the Bucks are reportedly “anxious to move on from him.”  Monroe has two seasons remaining on his current deal. He can choose to opt out next summer. In 79 games for the Bucks, Monroe notched averages of 15.3 points, 8.8 rebounds and 2.3 assists in 29.3 minutes per contest. The Celtics emerged as a suitor for Monroe last month, but talks are reportedly no longer ongoing.

The Knicks would be a logical fit, depending on who New York would move, of course. The Knicks are set to feature Joakim Noah at center and to bet on the former Bulls player staying healthy would be risky. Beyond Noah and Kristaps Porzingis at power forward, it can be argued that New York lacks depth in the frontcourt.

Still, having undergone a significant roster overhaul this offseason, the Knicks don’t have many trade chips currently available to match Monroe’s $17MM+ salary — free agents who recently signed with the club aren’t eligible to be dealt until at least December.

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37 thoughts on “Knicks Interested In Greg Monroe?

  1. Ravens_Last_Place

    He’s not as good as he used to be, so of course the Knicks are interested! Pair him with other in-their-prime “stars” like Rose and Melo lol. What a mess…

    • Serious question, when was the last time you watched Melo play? This narrative that he’s past his prime are just so so wrong. He was phenomenal this past season, and without him the Knicks don’t win 20 games. The only people who seem to think he’s fallen off are fans who don’t pay attention and generally don’t even take his injuries and lack of NBA caliber teammates into account either. Let’s see what happens when he’s playing with people that aren’t Jason Smith, Jose Calderon, Kevin Seraphin and Aaron Afflalo.

      • jomar_18

        What are you talking about ^ ? Melo barely played last season jit ! Supposedly of an injury but to play in the all star he wasn’t injured , he was fine .. But since the knicks started loosing a lot .. They decided to take out melo and say he was injured…

        • NYC Fan

          Stick to watching soap operas…

        • Ummmmm…..Melo played in 72 games last season.

        • That was two years ago buddy…catch up with the times.

      • Ravens_Last_Place

        Sam Sirin – I watch Melo play a lot. So this past season was the last time I watched him play and I’ve seen nearly every game he played over the past few seasons. He was never a real superstar and now he certainly will not be. He’s selfish and severely overestimates his abilities. That’s why he has not won a championship and never came close. He absolutely has lost a step. He is on team USA as a legacy pick. If there were tryouts, he would absolutely not make it unless there were multiple injuries. True superstars like LeBron, Anthony Davis, Steph Curry, Harden, Durant are head and shoulders over Melo. He’s not on their level and never was, he gets further away everyday. It is funny when he tries to be involved like in the coaching search and he was totally ignored lol.

        • I can't

          Dude, please stop. You definitely don’t watch and you definitely don’t know what you’re saying. And that selfish comment is beyond funny when he leads the team in assists last season. You want to talk selfish, watch your “superstars” because they take some of the most low percentage shots possible but then again Melo who is a pure scorer with a above average shot percentage is selfish? Psssh lol

    • Thronson5

      Confused by your comment. Monroe is a very solid player in this league. He may not be a super star but would be a very good player for any team. This isn’t a big man league any more, all you need is a center who can get rebounds and score here and there and Monroe is just that with averages of 15 points and 8 or 9 rebounds a game. And Melo is not washed up at all. He still can play. He hasn’t anyone around him that could play up to his level and that’s what the Knicks are doing. I think Monroe would be a nice pick up for the Knicks incase Noah gets hurt or if he just doesn’t work out. And who knows, maybe that team does something next season but if it doesn’t then Rose is gone after the season and there are some good options at free agency like CP3 and Westbrook.

      • lakersfan27

        He doesn’t protect the rim or space the floor. His numbers are pretty hollow and the advance stats show he’s not the really that effective.

    • Shanferg

      How is he not good as he used to be? He’s the same exact player he was in Detroit. Good offensively, yet below avg defensive

    • hill

      On a per 36 minutes basis Monroe’s points were up, turnovers down, blocks up, FG% up, had another 2.1 VORP season in 21.8 PER and had the highest OWS in his career with 5.0.

      So tell me again how his ’15/’16 season qualifies as “not as good as he used to be.”

  2. Dionis

    If The Knicks Get Monroe for The bench they’ll be The top seed in The East

    • leostargensen

      I hope you don’t believe that, because no one else does. That would definitely improve their team but Noah and Rose returning to form and staying healthy will determine how good they are next season

    • hill

      yeah, no knees Rose, crippled Noah and lead-foot Monroe will be the top seed ahead of the team who defeated the best team in NBA history. #Clown #WastingOurTime #GoToAYahooSportsGroup

  3. Andrew C.

    This rumor doesn’t make sense. Unless the Knicks are willing to trade Rose or Melo, there’s no way the Knicks can obtain Monroe right now given their lack of cap room, and I highly doubt that happens.

    • Thronson5

      You can go over the Cap if it’s through trade though correct??

      • Ryan Brubaker

        No, the knicks would have to match salaries to trade for him. Which is impossible until December. Then maybe a trade of O’Quinn, Lance Thomas, another small salary piece + 2nd rounder? Monroe can opt out after this year, so basically a rental.

        • Thronson5

          Ok, thank you for clarifying. I didn’t understand how that worked. I know some teams go over the cap and I wasn’t sure how they are able to do that.

          • Teams can go over the cap if they’re resigning their own guys. For trades, teams can only take a certain percentage more of what they give up (I know its in the 10-25% range) in terms of salary if they are over the cap. So a team like the Thunder, for example, are over the cap. If they were to trade $10 million in salary this year (whether that be one or multiple players) they could only take back salary if it falls under the maximum % I listed above (so if it’s 25%, they can only take back $12.5 million).

  4. Dave4585

    Yeah if the Knicks don’t give up much how can you argue this is not a good move. Yeah he sucks on D but he would be the best backup big in the game scoring wise basically. Not a lot of teams have a big coming off the bench who averages 15

    • basicmo

      Ny has nothing to trade rumor is a pipe dream

    • GoPackGo23

      Well to be realistic if he’s coming off the bench all year (started for MLW over half the games last year) I don’t see him averaging 15pts..

    • That’s true…however, I feel the contributions you could get from Monroe from the bench is basically what Kevin Seraphin brings…imo

  5. This is a bogus rumor (click bait from Amico). The only players who can be traded are Melo, Kyle O’Quinn, Rose, and Porzingis (and I guess Hernangomez). Everyone else on the roster was JUST signed as free agents which means they can’t be traded until Dec. 15 at the earliest. I highly doubt we trade anyone other than O’Quinn and that deal clearly won’t work since the salaries don’t match. Monkey’s will fly out of Wayne’s arse before this trade happens.

    • Ryan Brubaker

      Such click bait. Not even worth reporting right now. Yeah the Knicks are interested in him…..but dont have the resources/contracts to get a deal done until December. Why can’t we just wait till November to read this lol?

  6. bdubs521

    Not a huge fan of his lack of D but solid offensive player,especially as a backup he would feast on 2nd units. The situation with the Bucks is strange because he was basically the same player he was with Detroit. They should have known what they were getting and not sign him if it is a scheme fit issue. Either way he would be the Knicks’ version of the Kanter last year for the Thunder. Good pick up for the Knicks if they can get him on the cheap.

  7. sportingdissent

    Monroe is very slow and doesn’t play man or help defense well at all.

    So naturally, he would be the Knicks third best player and vaunt them to 35 wins.

  8. rxbrgr

    Hey HR, any way you see feasible for NYK to acquire Monroe under CBA rules? I mean they could wait a few months for the season to begin to deal recent free agent signees or D-Rose…those seem unrealistic. But the only other players they can deal is Carmelo (no way) and O’Quinn (who still leaves them $8MM+ short of salary matching requirements).

    • Luke Adams

      There’s no scenario that makes sense to me at the moment. Even in December, you’d either be looking at dealing multiple recent signees or someone like Rose, Noah, or Lee. Hard to imagine, unless the new-look Knicks are a total disaster. This sounds to me like they’re just doing due diligence.

      • rxbrgr

        There’s due diligence and then there’s wishful thinking and no realistic way to do it.

  9. emac22

    Are they trading Rose or Melo for him?

    They can’t get him any other way until Christmas and I really doubt anyone has reported a potential Melo Monroe deal or even a rose Monroe deal.

    Love rumors but should be based on some kind of possible scenario.

  10. Hoop dreams

    The Knicks would likely need a third team to help facilitate a trade for Monroe

  11. JerseyMikeC

    This makes no sense at all

  12. bsteady powers

    The Celtics should trade a first rounder for him and be done. One that’s going to prob fall late lottery

  13. Danthemilwfan

    I do t care what we get for him. I like our roster and want to see the young bucks develop for 2018-2019 season when we have our new arena. First rounder and a guard who can hit 3’s off our bench and I’ll be happy. He’s a good player but when you score 18 a game but give up 45 a game on easy layups and dunks it not worth it. He needs to play along side a pf or center who is a good defender and while Parker is solid he’s not going to make up for the mistakes of Monroe at 6’9”

  14. The Kount

    Alot of you guys are totally lost when it comes to Greg Monroe. He’s a good player in a system that needs an defensive center. The Bucks were 28th in the league in scoring in the paint, then they add Monroe and they’re a top 5. If he was a FA in this YEAR class he would’ve ppgotten a100 million dollar contract. He’s a scoring big man not a rim protecter. The guy averaged16 and 9 in only 30mins a game. If you start him at PF and have a rim protecter at C he’s then becomes a asset, but otherwise he’s a liability at the rim.

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