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Community Shootaround: Joakim Noah

When the Knicks sent Robin Lopez to Chicago as part of the Derrick Rose trade, they were confident they could replace him by signing free agent center Joakim Noah. They got their man when Noah agreed to a four-year, $72MM deal, but they haven’t gotten the production they were expecting.

The 31-year-old is averaging 4.5 points and 8.8 rebounds through 13 games, and the Knicks are concerned about both his offense and defense. He is shooting just 32% from the foul line, which is part of the reason his fourth-quarter minutes have been sharply reduced.

The Knicks played two of their best games this week with Noah sidelined by the flu, and there are whispers that he might be better suited to a bench role. He started just two of the 29 games he played in Chicago last year before his season was cut short by a separated shoulder.

Noah posted three consecutive scoreless games before the illness hit, and the offense appears more fluid with Kyle O’Quinn as the starter or Kristaps Porzingis moving to center in a small-ball lineup. Noah acknowledged this week to Marc Berman of The New York Post that he feels “a step slow” and he has been “up and down” since the season started.

With the amnesty clause not expected to be part of the new CBA, there are fears that Noah could already be a sunk cost for team president Phil Jackson. Noah’s age, injury history and poor performance to start the season are all red flags, and there is a growing belief that the Knicks are a better team without him on the floor.

That leads us to tonight’s question: Was signing Noah a mistake or is it too early to judge? And if you believe it was a mistake, which available center would have been a better option?

Take to the comments section below to share your thoughts and opinions on the topic. We look forward to what you have to say.

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11 thoughts on “Community Shootaround: Joakim Noah

  1. David DiCicco

    The Knicks could benefit from a rim defender who moves a bit faster with Hornacek’s offensive approach. Guys such as the young Noel on the Sixers spring to mind, and they have a glut of Centers, that said, no one will want to eat that albatross of a contract.

  2. Dave4585

    Mistake, even though it is early and he could still have productive showings the fact he still has three years after this is bad.

  3. ChiSoxCity

    Noah has been shot for a few years now. Not sure what the Knicks thought they were doing giving him $72 Million. Just more proof that organization is run by a bunch of dopes (Phil included).

  4. Noah should just come off the bench so he can pass with BJ out there. He doesn’t need to be with the starters because they like to run kind of an ISO game but Noah likes to move and pass. Noah hustle and what makes him so he just need to get in the position to. With the starters isn’t the place.

  5. Lemor

    kick Noah he sucks and he better retire asap

  6. G money

    Without Noah we don’t get lee on a contract and he is veteran experience on defence. His tutoring for Porzingis and Hernangomez and KOQ will be critical for future. The young guards have Lee, Rose and Jennings to mentor them but we needed a veteran big. In saying all that he would be better suited coming off the bench, but I would trust Hernangomez to start. It will provide benefits for the future. He aleardy looks pretty good.

  7. Troy boy (taz)

    I think it to early to judge and it’s a all new system and everything take time so I think he will get better as time goes on. if not then he better come off the bench. As Knicks fan we are to quick to jump on things if it’s not going right. So fans need to relax and let the team and players adjust to all the new pieces and faces because everything is new

  8. Pihc123

    Everyone outside of the big Apple has said all along “I told you so”.

  9. yanksknicks

    I think he will be much better than he has been but from the moment he signed I was afraid of this possibility becoming a reality.

  10. Reflect

    It was a terrible deal the day it happened. Noah in his prime wasn’t even worth 4 years/72 mil. When there’s a strict cap that’s not the kind of guy you spend money on.

  11. I don’t think the signing was a mistake…maybe the length and the amount you can question. I don’t we had any competitors for him. Roy Hibbert or Mozgov would’ve been other options.

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