Odds & Ends: Hornets, Jazz, Mavs, Jeff Van Gundy

The NBA draft lottery brought good fortune to the Hornets organization, robbed the Bobcats of a chance to quickly advance in the rebuilding process and saw teams like the Nets and the Jazz miss out on securing lottery picks. The Cavs will have to use the fourth pick in the draft to build around Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson and the Warriors should simply be happy they were able to keep their spot at seventh. Beyond the Hornets, count the Trail Blazers as the second biggest winner Wednesday night as Portland will make two selections among the first 11 picks.

As the talking heads put together their latest mock drafts, let's take a look around the NBA to catch up on the the news and rumors making headlines as Hurricanes and Hand Grenades flow freely on Bourbon St…


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2 thoughts on “Odds & Ends: Hornets, Jazz, Mavs, Jeff Van Gundy

  1. Saranghae41

    sherrington is a dumbass, dallas are the champs last year and there was only one star

  2. Joe Moe

    “successful team needs to have three stars to make a championship run”

    I this the Mavs proved that to be wrong last season..


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