Clippers Rumors: Griffin, Paul, Martin, Evans

Blake Griffin doesn't hit free agency this summer, but the Clippers figure to make his future a top priority in the coming days nonetheless. According to Broderick Turner of the Los Angeles Times, when free agency begins, the Clippers are expected to offer Griffin a five-year extension, with an opt-out after four years. Griffin is expected to agree to either that offer or a four-year extension, says Turner. Here are the rest of the Clippers rumors from Turner's piece:

  • The Clips will also likely offer Chris Paul a three-year extension, but he's unlikely to accept it. As I explained earlier this year, contract extensions for veterans aren't very lucrative under the new CBA — Paul could sign for more years and a lot more money if he waits until next summer to re-up in Los Angeles. Plus, he'd buy himself more time to decide whether he wants to be there long-term.
  • L.A. is expected to make offers to try to re-sign free agents Chauncey Billups, Randy Foye, and Nick Young, says Turner.
  • As we heard earlier today, the Clips also have some interest in Jamal Crawford.
  • Kenyon Martin and Reggie Evans aren't expected to receive offers to return to the Clippers.


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