Contract Details: Taylor, Joseph, English

Contracts for first-round picks have minimal variance from team to team, as most first-rounders sign for 120% of the rookie scale amount, with two guaranteed years and two team options. However, deals for second-round picks aren't quite as predictable. While second-rounders generally sign for the rookie minimum, which is $473,604 for 2012/13, certain teams are more willing to give guaranteed years than others. Mark Deeks of Sham Sports has tweeted the details on a few contracts for second-round picks, so we'll round them up below….

  • The Nets signed 41st overall pick Tyshawn Taylor to a guaranteed, two-year contract at the rookie minimum. That would put Taylor on the Nets' books for $788,872 in 2013/14.
  • Kris Joseph's deal with the Celtics is fully non-guaranteed for two years. The Syracuse forward was selected 51st overall by Boston.
  • 44th overall pick Kim English receives a contract from the Pistons that's guaranteed for his rookie season, but non-guaranteed for his sophomore year.


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