Top Outside Shooters Still Available In Free Agency

As I outlined yesterday when I examined the top rebounders still available on the free agent market, a player that specializes in a specific aspect of the game can be appealing to teams that just need to fill one or two holes heading into camp. If a club feels like its roster is set, but wouldn't mind adding a three-point specialist, there are options still available on the cheap.

So after looking at the top remaining rebounders yesterday, let's shift gears today and examine the best unsigned outside shooters. Listed below are the free agents with the best 2011/12 three-point percentages. At least 50 three-point attempts are required to qualify for this list, to avoid small samples. Here are the top 10, with their 11/12 3PT% in parentheses:

Honorable mention:

  • A few players with solid percentages just barely missed our 50-attempt cutoff: Maurice Evans and E'Twaun Moore each shot 37.8% on 45 attempts, while Terrence Williams posted a 34.8% mark on 46 tries. Tracy McGrady, meanwhile, took just 33 threes, but made 15 of them, for a blistering 45.5%.
  • A handful of players with good career averages had poor years in 2011/12. Among them: Jason Kapono (career 43.4%) and Ryan Gomes (career 35.0%).
  • Matt Barnes was the only player to appear on both this list and our list of top rebounders.
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