Hoops Links: Kidd-Gilchrist, Flynn, Lakers

Hoops Links would like to send out a hearty congratulations to John Hollinger, the former ESPN.com scribe who was hired earlier this week as the Grizzlies' new Vice President of Basketball Operations.  Hollinger was a pioneer in bringing advanced statistical analysis to the hardwood despite criticism from naysayers, not unlike the forefathers of baseball sabermetrics.  Rockets GM Daryl Morey got his position thanks to his analytical abilities and T'Wolves President David Kahn ascended to his role after starting out as a sportswriter.  Considering that Hollinger boasts both backgrounds, maybe his new gig isn't so suprising after all.

This week's edition of Hoops Links has more on Hollinger and much more from around the Association.  If you have a great blog piece that you think we should feature next week, then send it to me at HoopsLinks@gmail.com.  Here's this week's look around the blogosphere..

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