David Stern On Jordan, Kings, Jackson, Silver

The 2013 NBA postseason will be David Stern's last as commissioner, but when he appeared on ESPN Radio in New York this week, Stern said that fact hasn't really hit him yet. As Stern pointed out, he'll still be attending NBA playoff games beyond this year, as a fan rather than as a commissioner, giving him an opportunity to "experience the game in a different way." The longtime NBA commissioner also addressed a number of other notable topics during his ESPN Radio appearance, so let's check out a few of his comments, courtesy of Eric Schmoldt of Sports Radio Interviews….

On Michael Jordan's struggles as owner of the Bobcats:

"I have no doubt that Michael, who is a smart businessman and good manager and, I think, a good judge of talent, he’ll do fine. It’s just not as easy as people think it is to get going in this league if you inherit a bad situation."

On the latest in the Kings saga:

"I think we’ll likely have a meeting of the relocation committee later this week, which will then issue a report early next week. And then seven days after that report is issued, there’ll be a Board of Governors meeting to vote on it. I don’t want to project anything because it’s for the owners and the committees to make the announcement."

On whether he'd like to see Phil Jackson back in the NBA:

"Oh, I would. I think it’s great. I love the variety that our sport has. Sometimes Phil has a way of saying things that are directed to zing the league office, but that’s fine. We’re sort of one big family, and I think that somebody who has as many rings as Phil does, who brings so much sort of interesting thought to our game, would be a great addition, or re-addition, to our sport."

On preparing Adam Silver to take over as commissioner next February:

"Adam and I, by the time I step down on February 1st, we will have worked together in the NBA for 22 years. Okay? So, if he’s not prepared now, he will never be prepared. He knows what I do that he would like to do, and he knows what I do that he would not like to do. And everyone has their own approach to it. There’s nobody that is better prepared in dealing with media, fans, the game, owners, television, international. I’m very happy, and proud, that I have recommended to the owners — and they have accepted — a successor who is totally steeped in our game and our business."

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