Protected Draft Picks Carrying Over To 2014

The final standings for the 2012/13 NBA regular season ensured that many draft pick debts have now been settled. The Warriors, for instance, after keeping their top-seven-protected pick in 2012 and using it to draft Harrison Barnes, will give up that first-round pick (now top-six-protected) in this year's draft, sending it to the Jazz.

However, there are plenty of other instances this year where protected picks won't change hands, pushing the debt back to at least 2014. With the help of RealGM's list of traded picks, here are the traded 2013 picks that will stay put this June, but will be up in the air again next year:

Pick: Bobcats (1st)
Traded to: Bulls
Future protection: Top 10 (2014), Top 8 (2015), Unprotected (2016)

Pick: Kings (1st)
Traded to: Cavaliers
Future protection: Top 12 (2014), Top 10 (2015, 2016, 2017)

Pick: Pistons (1st)
Traded to: Bobcats
Future protection: Top 8 (2014), Top 1 (2015), Unprotected (2016)

Pick: Timberwolves (1st)
Traded to: Suns
Future protection: Top 13 (2014), Top 12 (2015, 2016)

Pick: 76ers (1st)
Traded to: Heat
Future protection: Top 14 (2014, 2015)

Pick: Mavericks (1st)
Traded to: Thunder
Future protection: Top 20 (2014, 2015, 2016, 2017), Unprotected (2018)

Pick: Trail Blazers (2nd)
Traded to: Nuggets
Future protection: Unprotected (2014)

There are also two protected first-round picks which still may or may not change hands this season, depending on how the ping-pong balls fall in the lottery. In the case of the Raptors' 2013 first-rounder, it's very likely it will be sent to the Thunder, extinguishing future debts. The Trail Blazers' 2013 first-rounder, on the other hand, is nearly guaranteed to remain with Portland, meaning the Blazers' debt to Charlotte will be pushed back until at least 2014. Here are the details on those picks:

Pick: Raptors (1st)
Traded to: Thunder
Odds it changes hands in 2013: 97.5%
Future protection, if necessary: Top 2 and 15-30 (2014, 2015), Top 1 and 15-30 (2016, 2017), Unprotected (2018)

Pick: Trail Blazers (1st)
Traded to: Bobcats
Odds it stays put in 2013: 99.9%
Future protection: Top 12 (2014, 2015), Unprotected (2016)

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