2013 NBA Draft Order

With last night's lottery in the books, the order for the 2013 NBA draft has officially been set. Here's what next month's draft will look like, complete with traded picks:

Round One:

  1. Cleveland Cavaliers
  2. Orlando Magic
  3. Washington Wizards
  4. Charlotte Bobcats
  5. Phoenix Suns
  6. New Orleans Pelicans
  7. Sacramento Kings
  8. Detroit Pistons
  9. Minnesota Timberwolves
  10. Portland Trail Blazers
  11. Philadelphia 76ers
  12. Oklahoma City Thunder1
  13. Dallas Mavericks
  14. Utah Jazz
  15. Milwaukee Bucks
  16. Boston Celtics
  17. Atlanta Hawks
  18. Atlanta Hawks2
  19. Cleveland Cavaliers3
  20. Chicago Bulls
  21. Utah Jazz4
  22. Brooklyn Nets
  23. Indiana Pacers
  24. New York Knicks
  25. Los Angeles Clippers
  26. Minnesota Timberwolves5
  27. Denver Nuggets
  28. San Antonio Spurs
  29. Oklahoma City Thunder
  30. Phoenix Suns6

Round Two:

  1. Cleveland Cavaliers7
  2. Oklahoma City Thunder8
  3. Cleveland Cavaliers
  4. Houston Rockets9
  5. Philadelphia 76ers10
  6. Sacramento Kings
  7. Detroit Pistons
  8. Washington Wizards
  9. Portland Trail Blazers11
  10. Portland Trail Blazers
  11. Memphis Grizzlies12
  12. Philadelphia 76ers
  13. Milwaukee Bucks
  14. Dallas Mavericks
  15. Portland Trail Blazers13
  16. Utah Jazz
  17. Atlanta Hawks
  18. Los Angeles Lakers
  19. Chicago Bulls
  20. Atlanta Hawks14
  21. Orlando Magic15
  22. Minnesota Timberwolves16
  23. Indiana Pacers
  24. Washington Wizards17
  25. Memphis Grizzlies
  26. Detroit Pistons18
  27. Phoenix Suns19
  28. San Antonio Spurs
  29. Minnesota Timberwolves20
  30. Memphis Grizzlies21


  1. From Toronto
  2. From Houston
  3. From L.A. Lakers
  4. From Golden State
  5. From Memphis
  6. From Miami
  7. From Orlando
  8. From Charlotte
  9. From Phoenix
  10. From New Orleans
  11. From Minnesota
  12. From Toronto
  13. From Boston
  14. From Houston
  15. From Golden State
  16. From Brooklyn
  17. From New York
  18. From L.A. Clippers
  19. From Denver
  20. From Oklahoma City
  21. From Miami
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3 thoughts on “2013 NBA Draft Order

  1. dc21892

    Not a Cavs fan, but odds they make a serious run at Bynum (assuming he’s healthy) and draft Noel? This would give them one proven NBA big, who obviously has health concerns, but is the second best center in the league. Noel has all the makings of an NBA big, but he has health issues of his own. These two players could really help the Cavs going forward. Interesting to see what they do.

    • HoopsRumors

      I’ll probably be publishing our Cavs Offseason Outlook piece later this week, and considering all the cap space and all the picks they have, I’m having a hard time predicting what they’ll do this summer (and next). Given all the assets and options they have, they’ll definitely be one of the most fascinating teams to watch over the next few months.

      — Luke


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