Schedule Of Contract Guarantee Dates

Earlier this month, Chuck Myron of Hoops Rumors listed the offseason dates on which certain players’ contracts will become guaranteed during the coming summer and fall. Today, with the help of ShamSports’ contract database, we’ll go one step further, creating a timeline of guarantee dates for each and every player who currently has a non-guaranteed deal for 2013/14.

Using the following list, we can track teams’ various cap commitments as they arise starting in June and continuing until next January. Unless otherwise indicated, these players are on minimum-salary contracts. Their contracts will become guaranteed for the given amounts if they’re not waived on or before the dates indicated.

For instance, in the first example on the list, Matt Bonner‘s contract with the Spurs is currently guaranteed for $1,000,000. If he’s not released on or before June 29th, it becomes fully guaranteed for $3,945,000. If he’s waived on or before June 29th, San Antonio would still pay the $1MM he’s already owed, but would save the other $2,945,000.

Players listed multiple times will have their guarantee amounts increased the longer they remain on a roster. For example, Terrence Williams will earn $200,000 if he remains on the Celtics’ roster beyond June 30th. That amount will increase to $300,000 if he’s still on the roster past September 1st. Williams’ contract would eventually become fully guaranteed if he’s still hasn’t been cut by October 31st.

Here’s the complete list:

  • None remaining as of 1-7-14
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