Celtics To Acquire Colton Iverson

After being selected 53rd overall by the Pacers, Colton Iverson will be sent to the Celtics in exchange for cash, reports Andy Katz of ESPN.com (via Twitter).

On a night when they appear to have agreed to a much larger deal, the Celtics added a pair of bigs in Iverson and Gonzaga's Kelly Olynyk.

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2 thoughts on “Celtics To Acquire Colton Iverson

  1. HoosierDaddio

    Good for Indy (we DON’T need him); good for Boston (they need a heck of a lot right now). The Pacers could use as much cash considerations as possible since we need to re-sign David West, T. Hansbrough, and MAYVE even Danny Granger (as long as he isn’t expecting a huge contract; we’d love to keep Danny because he’s a great scorer and has been the heart and soul of this team for 8 years)! We also need to grab Reddick, Korver, or Freddette (prefer Reddick), AND see if we can’t grab Josh Smith (awesome) or Paul Millsap! The NUMBER ONE PRIORITY (after locking down West, Hansbrough, and either Reddick, Korver, or Freddette) is to acquire a bona fide PG since we haven’t had one since Mark Jackson (even though Tinsley looked promising after a stellar rookie season before he faded away into thuggish oblivion)! I personally think José Calderon would be entirely possible and worth while! Hell, I’d be more than okay getting rid of our other draft pick (Solomon Hill) and Green, Orlando Johnson, Mahinmi, and/or Young in return for cash and 2014 first round pick! The Pacers are for real, hungry, talented, BIG, and young…which makes us a threat to the Miami cHeat for a long time!:


  2. HoosierDaddio

    We DON’T need either of the two jokers we drafted this year!


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