Nets, Celtics Discussing KG/Pierce Deal

5:45pm: Although the two teams would like to resolve the situation soon, Garnett "doesn't want to be pressured into a quick decision," a source tells Wojnarowski (Twitter link).

5:28pm: Boston Globe scribes Baxter Holmes and Gary Washburn are both reporting (via Twitter) that the deal appears close, pending Garnett's decision. Meanwhile, Howard Beck of the New York Times tweets that the '16 and '18 first-rounders in the proposed swap would be unprotected.

5:22pm: A source tells A. Sherrod Blakely of that KG is expected to touch base with Pierce before making a decision on whether or not to waive his no-trade clause (Twitter link).

4:45pm: The proposed deal has been presented to Garnett to waive his no-trade clause, according to's Marc Stein (via Twitter). While the move couldn't be finalized until July 10th, the Nets and Clippers are hoping to reach an agreement in principle well before then, tweets Stein.

4:29pm: If a deal was to be made, the first-rounders going from the Nets to the Celtics would be Brooklyn's 2014, 2016, and 2018 picks, tweets Wojnarowski.

4:19pm: No agreement is expected to be reached tonight, but the talks definitely have momentum, says Ken Berger of (via Twitter).

4:12pm: The talks between the Nets and Celtics have now reached the ownership level, according to Wojnarowski, who says that Jason Terry has joined Garnett and Pierce as part of the package (Twitter link). On the other side, the Nets would include Reggie Evans, Keith Bogans (via sign-and-trade), and one more minimum-salary player, tweets Wojnarowski.

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20 thoughts on “Nets, Celtics Discussing KG/Pierce Deal

  1. MatthewWilding

    I don’t see how they can possibly make this work salary-wise. Humphries is only worth $12 million. That covers Pierce or Garnett. They’d have to add someone like Brook Lopez to make this work, because there’s no way the C’s are taking Gerald Wallace here.

  2. jincongz

    link to… The salaries work, Celtics build for a 2 year plan with Rondo/Brooks/Green/Humphries/Lopez and the Nets go into Win-Now mode with Williams/Johnson/Pierce/Evans/Garnett. Maybe some picks are moved too.

    • tpsilvertown

      It’d be Wallace, not Lopez moving over. And i’m pretty sure this will never happen.

  3. JackParkman

    Three 1st round picks are intriguing. But taking on Wallace’s contract is bad.

  4. Jason

    If done before tonight, (because the CBA prohibits the trade of consecutive first round picks) it would give us picks in 2013, 2015 (we would have 3 first rounders this year), & 2017. If not, then 2014, 2016, and 2018.

  5. William Pressley

    I think the only way the Nets do this is if they have the Clippers on the phone offering Bledsoe/Jordan/picks for Pierce and Garnett; I’m not sure if that would technically be disapproved by the league because of the restrictions after the Doc Rivers trade. There’s no way they send 3 first rounders for those two

  6. ahmed samy

    and how can pierce look into joe johnsons’ eyes every day in practice after what he did to him???????!

  7. Freddie Morales

    I see the nets including Mirza teletovic to this deal n celts adding terry to it.

  8. bamf9

    Lopez is no way involved guys. Relax. He’s worth more than any other player on the Celtics right now with the exception of maybe Rondo.

  9. Harris K.

    This would be awful for the Celtics, considering they’d have to take on the contracts of Humphries and Wallace just to get 3 crappy first round picks. I can’t see how they do this deal. Due to the new CBA, the Nets shouldn’t really be able to make deals like these, but when the Celtics offer to give them 2 good players and take their crappy contracts for 3 bad 1st rounders, it really makes it easy.

  10. Matt Galvin

    Yes it would work because it would be Nets and Clippers and not Celtics and Clippers.

  11. Mo Vaughn

    I like the new trade, Pierce, Garnett, and Terry for Bogans, Evans, and probably Shengelia. Evans is the best player going to the Celtics, he had a breakout year last year, he’s a great rebounder, and can score in the paint, I’ll take it, plus they get 3 first rounders which is even better, they also dump about $32M and only take back probably around $8M depending on the contracts.

    • HoopsRumors

      To clarify, Humphries and Wallace would still have to be involved in the deal for salary-matching purposes.

      — Luke

      • Mo Vaughn

        Ya it would make more sense if they continued talking about the entire deal, not just the latest pieces to be involved. I’d still be ok with the trade because they’d still be saving about $8M depending on Bogans new contract and the other minimum player.

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