Poll: Best Team In The East?

With the Pacers upgrading their bench and adding Danny Granger, the Bulls getting Derrick Rose back, and the Nets overhauling their roster and adding a couple Hall of Fame caliber contributers, the Heat have some serious competition next season. 

Heading into 2014, is Miami even the favorite?

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One thought on “Poll: Best Team In The East?

  1. ediggity

    Considering the Pacers stretched the Heat out last year, I don’t see Miami as a solid favorite. I’m looking forward to seeing the Nets. They may need time to gel, but this team is looking pretty dangerous. A top-10 player at each position…Pierce is underrated on D, and I think that bodes badly for LeBron. The one concern is whether or not Brooks Lopez can run hard and play the entire season. For some reason I foresee him injuring that foot again.


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