Gilbert Arenas Plans To Play In China

We heard a week ago that the Clippers may be inviting Gilbert Arenas to training camp, but it doesn't sound like the former All-Star is interested in auditioning for an NBA roster spot. Asked by about the Clippers rumor, Arenas denied that he'd be joining the team, indicating instead that he plans to return to China for the coming season.

"I went to go work out at the Clippers facility about two months ago," Arenas said. "I guess I did well enough for them to invite me [to camp], but I want to go to China so I can come home faster…. With China, I get to go and still play and then I can get back home and spend more time with the kids. I get to be home in February and enjoy the family. I don’t need the NBA money, I have enough of it."

This isn't the first time Arenas has expressed a fondness for China's shorter season, which ends not long after the NBA's All-Star weekend. Playing for the Shanghai Sharks earlier in 2013, Arenas indicated that he intended to spend the spring with his family, rather than trying to catch on with an NBA team after returning from China.

"Thirty-two games a year," Arenas said at the time. "Maximum 36 minutes. That’s all I need at this point in my career. So as long as China teams want me, I’ll be here."

As for whether teams in the CBA have interest in Arenas, that remains to be seen. But the 31-year-old played well in 14 games for the Sharks last season, averaging 20.7 PPG and 7.3 RPG, so I'd be surprised if he didn't attract a few suitors.


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