Hoops Rumors Originals

A look back at the original analysis produced by the Hoops Rumors staff this week..

  • Chuck Myron examined Ryan Anderson as a trade candidate.
  • A Jason Thompson deal would make sense for the Kings, Luke Adams writes.
  • Luke explained the Rockets’ reasoning for their Omer Asik deadline.
  • Here’s a primer for the upcoming trade season, courtesy of Luke.
  • A slight majority of you think the Nets should make a trade to replace Brook Lopez.
  • Hoops Rumors readers believe that Kyle Lowry is the next impact player to get moved.
  • Readers say the Lakers will win between 31-41 games.
  • A refresher on the rules for trading future picks.
  • Mike Woodson will be the first coach to go, readers say.
  • Did you miss Luke’s weekly chat on Monday at 4pm CT?  Really dude?  I’m starting to feel like you’re sort of a flake.  This is why we don’t call you to hang out as often as we used to.  Anyway, you can get caught up with the transcript here.
  • Most of you said Asik was Boston-bound.  Only a few predicted that he would stay in Houston.  He could still conceivably get moved between now and the February deadline, however.
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  • Hoops Rumors is seeking part-time writers.
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