And-Ones: Cavs, Draft, Pelicans, Wolves

The Cavs coaching search may be down to just three candidates, writes Bob Finnan of The Morning Journal. While some names are still being mentioned, Finnan (hat tip to Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders) believes the finalists are Clippers assistant coaches Alvin Gentry and Tyronn Lue and former Maccabi Tel Aviv coach David Blatt.

Here’s more from around the association:

  • The Nuggets are planning to bring in Tyler Ennis, Zach LaVine, James Young, Clint Capela, Casey Prather and Tarik Black for workouts on Saturday, reports Michael Scotto of Sheridan Hoops (Twitter link).
  • The Timberwolves tweeted that Adreian Payne, Justin Cobbs, Kyle Anderson, Cory Jefferson, Markel Starks and Jamil Wilson all have workouts scheduled with the team.
  • Darren Wolfson of 1500 ESPN Twin Cities reports (Twitter link) Russ Smith, Jahii Carson, and Jordan Morgan worked out for the Wolves on Wednesday.
  • Adi Joseph of USA Today looks at the draft needs of the Pelicans. The team currently doesn’t have any picks, but they are reportedly trying to acquire one. According to the article, the team’s biggest needs are at small forward, center, and point guard.
  • In a separate article, Joseph looks at the draft needs of the Timberwolves. According to Joseph, the team’s priorities should be at point guard, and both forward spots.
  • The crew over at Basketball Insiders (video link) analyze the 2014 free agent class and where each player may end up.
  • In a separate article, the latest mock draft from Basketball Insiders has them split over who will be the first-overall pick–Andrew Wiggins or Joel Embiid.
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8 thoughts on “And-Ones: Cavs, Draft, Pelicans, Wolves

  1. Kevin6CD

    Cavs aren’t even considering Lionel Hollins anymore? What’s it going to take for him to get a lead job?

    • Eddie Scarito

      Keep in mind that this is still in a state of flux, and the finalists info was from a reporter and not the team. That said, it also amazes me that Hollins is still unemployed.

      • Kevin6CD

        Nonetheless, I haven’t really seen Hollins’ name mentioned by the Cavs or Lakers insiders. I just don’t get how Hollins doesn’t have a job. Hard to see guys like Mo Cheeks get second chances when Lionel Hollins is sitting at home. Is there something the general public doesn’t know about him or is he casting his demands too high to hold out for the “right opportunity”?

        • Eddie Scarito

          The negative in regards to Hollins is that he’s primarily a defensive coach–and an old-school one as well. The league is currently in an offensive mind set (coaches like Thibs aside). Teams are also beginning to shy away from “retreads” and taking their chances on fresh blood. Hence Kerr, Kidd, Fisher, etc.

          • Kevin6CD

            The Kidd deal should speak for itself, Fisher is a massive speculation on Phil’s part and GS should’ve learned from the last rookie coach they tried out. I agree that the league is moving towards “fresh blood” in the coaching market, but I don’t agree that it should be happening. It’s one thing to hire a re-tread who has failed before, it’s another to hire a re-tread who has had legitimate success, like Hollins.

            • Eddie Scarito

              No argument from me there. Hollins doesn’t appear to be “cherry picking” his interviews either. He’s stated on a few occasions that he’s willing to talk to teams. The one thing we won’t know is how well he’s interviewing. GM’s are so terrified of losing their jobs these days, they want a guy that can toe the company line. If Hollins is standing fast to his system, and it’s not a fit for personnel or what the front office wants, then that would be a problem Speculation on my part, but it’s the one aspect we generally don’t get to hear about. Hollins’ teams were well prepared and played hard, but not “sexy” and remember, GM’s need to sell owners on their hires.

              • Kevin6CD

                That’s probably what’s keeping Hollins out of a role, and, if I’m forced to be predictive, hiring someone like Blatt over Hollins will get Grant fired. No sleep lost on my end if that’s the case.

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