Celtics Sign Evan Turner

SEPTEMBER 29TH: The deal is finally official, the team announced via press release. Boston cleared room under the preseason limit of 20 players with a series of moves in the past few days to accommodate Turner.

JULY 21ST: The Celtics and Evan Turner are finalizing a deal for a portion of the mid-level exception, reports Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald (on Twitter). The Pacers made the former No. 2 overall pick an unrestricted free agent when they declined to tender his qualifying offer last month.

The Wolves appeared to be Boston’s primary competition for Turner, who was reportedly Minnesota’s top priority even though the team apparently envisioned signing him to only a one-year deal. The length of his arrangment with the Celtics is unclear.

Boston has more than $78.7MM in commitments on the roster for the coming season, a figure that puts them above the tax line but below the tax apron. The Celtics can waive close to $7.018MM in non-guaranteed salary, but in any case, the team won’t be able to sign Turner to a starting salary exceeding $3.278MM without triggering a hard cap of $80.829MM for this season.

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11 thoughts on “Celtics Sign Evan Turner

  1. Z....

    odd that the Celtics would sign him with their plethora in the back court, unless they see him as a versatile option between the PG and 3 spots…Its weird that nobody seemed to want him.

  2. Tom Yan

    Keith Bogans has a 5.3 million unguaranteed contract, with Chris Johnson and Chris Babb adding up another 1.7 million-ish of unguaranteed contracts. Waive those three and the Celtics will be under the tax

  3. Joseph Wilson

    Its no secret Boston signed him when the Wolves were the other team with the MOST interest… And keeps saying Boston doesn’t have enough assets for Love… Well, now they have one more.. And Min. Does really like Turner. For some reason… With Wiggins signing, Boston might be back as the most logical spot for that love trade.. We will see

      • HoopsRumors

        No, they’d have to wait all the way until December 15th. The 30-day rule only applies to trading draft picks. And I’m not so certain that Turner, as much as Minnesota might like him, would tip the scales for the Celtics, who seemed well behind the Warriors and Cavs in the Kevin Love sweepstakes.


        • dc21892

          Oh wow. Didn’t realize it was that long. But yeah, I agree Boston is a solid package but doesn’t offer the quick rebuild that Cleveland or GS could offer.

        • Joseph Wilson

          Not saying he would have been a scale tipper. Just another asset. There has to be another reason for the stockpile of guards… Especially after just guaranteeing Pressey too.

  4. d mcevoy

    the exact rule is that no free agent signed in the offseason can be traded until December 15 of that year or until three months have passed (whichever comes later), a rule that prevents teams from signing free agents with the intent of using them strictly as trade fodder. For draft picks this moratorium lasts 30 days.

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