Berger’s Latest: Stephenson, Jackson, Crawford

Ken Berger of shares eye-catching rumors from across the league in his latest must-read piece, which looks ahead to the trade deadline that’s just a month and a half away. We’ll pass along some of the highlights here:

  • The Hornets continue to explore the market for Lance Stephenson, and they’re looking for frontcourt help, Berger hears. Charlotte had reportedly decided to table Stephenson talks late last month, but since that time, Al Jefferson was diagnosed with an injury that’ll keep him out most of January, if not longer.
  • The Knicks tried to pry Reggie Jackson from the Thunder in talks leading up to Monday’s trade, and they’re expected to try to do so again, Berger writes. Still, the Thunder are holding the line against trading him, as Berger adds.
  • Jamal Crawford is off-limits for other teams as the Clippers try to acquire a starting-caliber small forward, sources tell Berger. The Clips, up against a hard cap, have told at least one team that asked about Crawford that they don’t plan to move him.
  • Execs from teams around the league believe the Knicks will be active between now and the draft, as there’s widespread doubt that New York will be able to land a major free agent this summer, Berger hears. There’s speculation that Jose Calderon will be the next Knicks player to be traded, but that’ll be more easily said than done for New York, since the 33-year-old point guard’s contract runs through 2016/17 with salaries in excess of $7MM each year, Berger writes.
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